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The possibilities of growing as a professional who constantly reinvents himself are greatly increased with the variety of programs offered by Centennial College . An institution with vast experience and recognition whose academic journey began in 1966. What began as a local community school, evolved into an important international institution with incredible results. In the last six years it has become the main option for foreigners in Canada, receiving more than 14,000 international students. Among its most important features are:

  • Spectacular accommodation centers and continuous advice for new applicants such as Centennial Place.
  • Academic growth hand in hand with direct work experiences .
  • It has one of the campuses with the highest multicultural concentration in the world.
  • It is the institution with the highest rate of student satisfaction.

Consider Centennial College if

  • You want to have real work experiences before you graduate.
  • You are interested in growing as a person who understands the needs of your environment.
  • You want to increase your chances of success by graduating with serious and tangible job opportunities.
  • You are looking for a university that prepares you in all aspects with the most innovative theoretical and practical teaching methods .

How much does it cost per course?

Admission Costs

$15,400 USD


$16,532 USD

Residence room

$3,100 USD

Food Costs

$2,000 USD

Transport pass

$1,500 USD

Other college payments

$700 USD

Studying here can cost you:

Studying in Canada is the dream of any student who aspires to excel. That is why an annual budget of less than $25,000 USD per year is quite reasonable.

Centennial College is established within Canada as one of the most economically viable university options. It offers top-level educational alternatives and remains at the forefront of educational research . Therefore, the relationship between quality and price that is within your budget is extremely attractive for a foreign student. Canadian higher education in general appears to be much more accessible than in other locations. That is why a large part of the international student population ends up choosing this country as the home of training. Either because of the variety that there is to choose between careers, the ease of adaptation through consultancies and all the benefits that Centennial College adds to train its students, with an annual tuition cost that does not exceed $20,000 USD. Other factors such as the cost of housing, transportation and food, have to do with the conditions of each environment and the level of comfort. Oscillating then the general cost per year between $17,000 USD and $21,000 USD. All absolutely necessary elements for anyone to train as an integral professional.

How to study at Centennial College as a foreigner? What do you need?

Because it is one of the institutions with the greatest cultural diversity in the world, Centennial College welcomes thousands of foreigners who come to train each year at its facilities. It does not matter the area or the faculty where you look at it, we can say with total propriety that it is the foreigners who give life and reputation to this university, without belittling the nationals. To be part of this recognized institute, it is necessary to fill out an application and send it directly to the Office of International Education, attaching your certified high school qualifications or a copy of your university degree in case you opt for a postgraduate degree. An English test is carried out prior to the formalization of the registration in person, to determine the student’s level in terms of language. It is also strictly necessary for the applicant to be of legal age , unless applying for one of the summer English courses.

Requirements to study at the Centennial College as a foreign student

The requirements to opt for a place in this university institution are the following:

  • Certified and apostilled high school qualifications.
  • Online application . Send application with print, high school or university grades, original and certified copy of grades with the results of the TOEFL and IELTS exam.
  • Be of legal age (18 years).
  • Take various tests to determine your level of English and pass with a score higher than: TOEFL IBT 80+, TOEFL PAPER-BASED 550+, IELTS 6.0+, PEARSON 51+.
  • Student visa .

How to apply for the Centennial College

Knowing in depth the processes and requirements to be carried out to be accepted at Centennial College is a fundamental step to obtain a place in this institution. Below we will share in detail, each and every one of the processes that you will have to carry out:

  • Choose one of the faculties . This modern institution has a wide variety of options in terms of careers in which a student can dabble. Choosing between Gastronomy, Political Science, Economics, Aeronautics, Education, Law and other careers is mandatory.
  • Contact the Office of International Education. One of the first things any applicant should do is contact this office, either by electronic means or by fax. Here you must send a copy of the bachelor’s degree (university degree in case of opting for a postgraduate) and the certified notes. All the information in the link.
  • Get the student visa. This element will allow you to legally live and study in Canada . It must be processed as soon as you enter the country with an immigration officer. This visa will be your security guarantee.

If you want to reside in Canada

you will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and what requirements are asked of you, you can enter here .

Tips for Studying at Centennial College

  • Inquire about the university, what it offers you, advantages, careers, facilities. This will let you know if it is what you are looking for .
  • Learn about and inquire about their admission process, dates and requirements .
  • Work and focus on achieving and fulfilling everything necessary to attend Centennial College as a student.
  • Consider that Centennial College uses cooperative work practices, and various interactive teaching methods, its experiential learning methodology, and works directly with employers. Therefore, plan what you want, set goals and communicate it to your advisers.
  • Centennial makes it easy to get expert advice on work permits, immigration issues, and newcomer support. Use these services are designed for the student.
  • Prepare yourself in advance , study or improve the English language , it will make it easier for you to study at this university.
  • Be clear about their costs and payment options, scholarships and how to access them.
  • If you are a foreign applicant, once you receive the admission letter to the College, you must contact the nearest Canadian Embassy, and request the requirements to apply for the student visa. Remember that it will be your responsibility to have your valid passport in force during your stay in Canada. You must also keep your study permit valid.
  • Be clear about how Centennial Place accommodation for international students works, so that you can integrate, respecting the rules.

What can you study at Centennial College?

CC offers a very different range of majors within its seven specialized academic schools . It offers undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, advanced diploma programs and courses that are offered during different times of the year. It has facilities and a fairly professional faculty for which your comfort and training are a priority. It is not for nothing that the CC students are so satisfied with the experiences they have at this university. Next, we present the professional programs that you can take at this institution.

Bachelor's degrees


  • Animation - 3D
  • Art and Design Game
  • Baking and pastry arts management
  • Baking Skills
  • Cooking Skills
  • Culinary management
  • Digital visual effects
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Graphic Design Diploma

Business Administration

  • Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology (Computing and Communication Networks)
  • Business - Accounting
  • Business - Marketing
  • Business Administration - Finance
  • Business Administration - Leadership and Management
  • Business Administration - Marketing
  • Business Administration - Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • Business Analytics and Insights - Canadian Context
  • Environmental Health Service Management
  • Event management
  • Event planning
  • Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management
  • Hospitality - Operations Management Hoteliers
  • Hospitality Skills
  • Human Resource Management
  • Interactive Media Management
  • International Business Management
  • Marketing - Corporate Account Management
  • Marketing - Research and Analysis
  • Marketing Management
  • Strategic Management - Accounting
  • Supply chain management Supply - Logistics


  • Electromechanical Engineering - Automation and Robotics
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technology
  • Architectural Technology
  • Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance
  • Certificate in Construction Management
  • Computer Systems Technician - Networks
  • Cyber security
  • Electronic Engineering Technician
  • Energy Systems Engineering Technology
  • Engineering Technician Electronics
  • Environmental Technology
  • Food Science Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician - Design
  • Motive Power Technician Diploma
  • Product design and development

Exact Sciences

  • Mobile Application Development

Health Sciences

  • Biomedical Engineering Technology
  • Healthcare Informatics Technology

Social Science

  • Childhood Education Diploma
  • Graduate Certificate in Project Management
  • International Development

Master's and PhD programs


  • Advanced Television and Film - Screenplay
  • Financial Services
  • Food Tourism
  • Game Programming
  • Paralegal


  • Community Development Work
  • Advertising - Creative and Digital Strategy
  • Business - International Business
  • Development Services Worker
  • Public Relations - Corporate Communications
  • Special Event Planning
  • Television and Film - Business


  • Television and Film
  • Financial Services
  • Food Tourism
  • Languages
  • Video Game Programming
  • Leadership

Study at Centennial College – What you need to know

It is important that you take into account the vision and objective of this institution so that you get an idea of the profile they are looking for in their students. Centennial College, in addition to being one of the institutions in Canada that has more students from diverse cultures , has committed to being a public institution of the Federal Government that promotes the well-being of the student population. With experience-oriented practices through its modern laboratories, directly linked to the most avant-garde industries in the country, ensuring links with the agencies in charge of providing jobs. Excellence lies in direct cooperation with the industry as an experimentation phase, coupled with the application of pedagogical methods to achieve the best results. For this reason, this institution stands out as one of the best places to grow in the academic and professional field.

Can you work while studying?

This institution has important links with the industry economy in Ontario , nationally and internationally. For this reason, in 90% of cases, the student enters the world of work long before graduating. With the correct processing of the student visa, the CC has committed to maintaining broad access to the public, giving opportunities to work and study legally in Canada.

Study languages at Centennial College

This institution makes the English as a Second Language or ESL (ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE) program available to all international students. The objective is to provide you with all the communication tools so that you have the skills and abilities that will help you achieve excellent communication in your daily life. By successfully completing all three levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced of the ESL, you will be able to advance much more easily in your work and career.

How to go on an academic exchange to Centennial College?

Centennial College offers various exchange programs which nurture you as a professional, including:

  • Exchange. It allows students to spend a semester at Centennial, they will take courses that are interesting for their academic programs.
  • International internship program. Foreign students are placed in workplaces related to their field of study for 2 to 4 months.
  • short international. Students can learn English or an intensive course, lasting from 2 to 6 weeks.
  • Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experience (GCELE). 10-14 day learning project will enable students to prepare themselves as leaders for positive social change in the interconnected world we live in.
  • Applied Research Program (ARAP). It is a 4-month program that provides students with the opportunity to contribute to an applied research project under the supervision of a Centennial faculty member and industry mentor.


  • Fill out the admission form with all your personal data.
  • When you are going to study for more than 6 months you need to apply for a student permit. If you go for less than 6 months you only have to apply for a tourist visa.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Proof of English proficiency test. Submit the TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson Language Test Evaluation (PTE) or Humber English For Academic Purposes (EAP) language certificate.
  • Curriculum summary.
  • Notes certified and translated into English.
  • List of courses applying to be taken at Centennial.

Scholarships and grants offered by Centennial College

This institution offers a work scholarship where you will have the possibility of working full or part time while you study as long as it is in an area related to the degree you are studying. Regarding scholarships and financing, it offers two types for international students . The first is awarded to the international student on merit and the second is for international transfer students from China. Both are awarded after the student has completed their courses with excellence for two consecutive semesters.


This institution has five campuses that house eight schools . They are divided as follows:

Ashtonbee Campus

It's in: Ashtonbee Rb

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 164.5 km


  • Headquarters of the school of transport.
  • Canada’s largest automotive and aeronautical technology center.
  • Study centers for Health and Wellness programs.

Downsview Campus

It's in: Carl Hall Road, Ontario

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 400 km


  • The institution’s newest campus.
  • Its design relocates and groups the entire Long Duration Aviation Program.
  • It has the capacity to store large ships and everything related to the hangar.
  • It offers open fields for the instruction of Manufacturing Engineering and Risk Testing.

Morningside Campus

It's in: Morningside Ave

Universitary residence: No

Distance to the City Center: 400 km


  • Modern ecological building.
  • Located a few meters from the Rouge Valley Conservation Area.
  • It houses the school of community and health studies, as well as different Engineering and Applied Science programs.

Progress Campus

It's in: Progress Ave

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 160 km


  • This campus is a modern expression of the Fine Arts combining different multicultural processes.
  • It is home to the school of business and hospitality, tourism and gastronomy.
  • It is considered one of the most interesting campuses in the world, due to its variety of spaces, centers and activities.

Story Arts Campus

It's in: Carlaw Ave

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 168.2 km


  • An ideal campus to unleash your creativity.
  • Designed specifically for the School of Arts and Communication.
  • Meeting point for designers and artists.

Facilities and Extra Academic Offer

This educational center has different first-level structures , each one designed for specific functions. Their equipment is being renewed annually, so they are always at the forefront in terms of technology. It also has spaces specifically designed to raise the level of comfort within the facilities. This is motivated by the desire to enhance the personal, academic and social growth of its students. For this reason, none of its campuses lacks a space for recreation or recreation where each person can give free rein to creativity regardless of their roots or personality. Within the extra academic offer, Centennial College has the Centennial Colts team, which represents the sports alma mater in all disciplines that take place at this university. The extra activities offered by the university are the following:

  • youth basketball.
  • Hockey.
  • Olympic weightlifting.
  • Badminton.
  • Baseball.
  • Indoor soccer.
  • Volleyball.
  • Table tennis.
  • Yoga.
  • Bootcamp.
  • theater club.


The Ashtonbee Library and Student Center is the most representative of this institution. An innovative project that seeks to recognize all campuses and offer quality services aimed at students. The infrastructure of this library is amazing , with visually pleasing spaces, air circulation and light perfectly covered with a second level of continuous circulation. This library works as a resource that allows the interconnection with various current and future buildings that give a very expressive air to the faculty.


All the courses taught at this university have laboratory practice instruction due to its proximity to the labor industry. It has more than eighty laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art technology and with support for all types of experiments.

Sports facilities

Centennial College has always stood out for being one of the most competitive institutions in multiple disciplines, obtaining different awards at the national level. Currently, it has facilities for the practice of more than 20 different sports. Among them:

  • Athletics.
  • Basketball.
  • Soccer.
  • Cross country race.
  • softball.
  • Swimming.
  • Volleyball.
  • Track and field.
  • Rugby.
  • Swimming.
  • Baseball.

Cafeteria and other recreation centers

Within the spaces that comprise the Centennial College there are plenty of places for meeting and recreation . It has more than 60 cafeterias distributed throughout all the schools, as well as several places whose distinctions give for all kinds of tastes and colors. The university has a museum , movie theaters, and extensive gardens. Just to mention a few places, the truth is that this institution holds many surprises. If you are interested in being part of this great family, we invite you to take the first step by filling out the form at Go-Study-in. There you will find a varied number of experts, ready to help you resolve any type of doubt.

Centennial College Photos

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