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Simon Fraser University

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English, French

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1,000 to 3,000 USD

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88 TOEFL iBT points



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Simon Fraser University is an institution that seeks to improve society through research, promotion and dissemination of knowledge. It stands out for its ability to go beyond what is established and transcend what is traditionally expected, when it comes to providing university education. This quality has given it a distinctive seal and has positioned it as one of the world-class universities . Due to its innovative proposals, within solid academic programs, it stands as one of the greatest references in the university sector of its country. Since its birth in 1965, it has known how to take root in Canadian culture, while maintaining its international focus and projection.

In this sense, today it boasts the fact of being the first university in Canada and the only one to date, which belongs to the National Collegiate Athetlic Association. Which is considered the largest university sports association in the world. The SFU is home to more than 170,000 people from 143 different countries , who find a place where respect, tolerance and interest in each culture brings them closer and strengthens them as a community. Entrepreneurial spirit is a characteristic of this institution. For this reason, he manages to make his students feel free to innovate and present proposals that are out of the ordinary. Important personalities have been forged in its classrooms, who have managed to stand out in different sectors. Some of them are:

  • Gordon Campbell . Canadian politician, who served as Prime Minister of British Columbia.
  • Anne Giardini . She is a writer, lawyer, journalist and business executive. In addition to pursuing a BA in Economics at SFU, she became its 11th chancellor. Winner of the Audie Award, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, among others.
  • Daniel Igali . Dedicated wrestling athlete who won a Gold Medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics, a Gold Medal at the World Wrestling Championships, and a Bronze Medal at the Pan American Games.

Consider studying at Simon Fraser University if

  • You are interested in belonging to an institution that goes beyond the conventional.
  • You seek to be part of an inclusive educational center where everyone has the same opportunities.
  • You want to study at an institution with international projection.

How much does it cost per course?

Admission Costs

$81 USD


$24,172 USD

Residence room

$2,650 USD

Food Costs

$1,916 USD

Transport pass

$0 USD

Other college payments

$1,336 USD

Studying here can cost you:

Covering an academic year at SFU can cost you approximately $30,174 USD.

The study costs present variations that are determined from the course you enroll in and the program to which you belong. In addition, other characteristics that are attributed to particular cases have an influence. We are going to offer you a series of indicative costs , so that you can obtain an approximate answer to your doubts about the budget as a foreign student , for an academic year. Simon Fraser University tuition fees include public transportation service , this amount is around $24,172 USD. To meet your accommodation and food needs, the required investment will be $8,880 USD. To cover the expenses of academic material, such as textbooks and others, the amount will be $1,932 USD and in what corresponds to medical insurance, the figure is close to $700 USD. The SFU website puts at your disposal a cost estimator , to help you better visualize the budget.

How to study at Simon Fraser University as a foreigner? What do you need?

SFU welcomes students from all over the world. Being an institution that brings together cultural diversity in its spaces, it designs academic programs with an international perspective , to turn its university students into global citizens. Among the advantages this university offers is the ability to make its courses more flexible to suit the work and lifestyle of the students. And at the same time manages to maintain its standards of quality and excellence. To help foreign students adapt, it provides a series of comprehensive services that help make them feel at home. Through the Office of International Student Services (ISS), they are advised from their arrival on the essential topics that they should know, as a starting point to discover the rest. Regulated Canadian immigration consultants , student advisors, and international welcome guides, among other services, are also available to ensure that your stay at SFU will be enjoyable from the start. And since not everything is about studying, it also offers workshops and social events to establish the first relationships and begin to strengthen ties with the university community. Simon Fraser University supports all of its students, and leads them to success. It gives them the responsibility to direct their own academic experience, so they are prepared when entering the labor market. Students regardless of their culture, their ethnicity or their creed, converge and coexist, as a community in search of knowledge that shakes hands.

Requirements to apply for the Simon Fraser University

The requirements for international students stipulated by this institution vary according to their place of origin and, above all, to the level to which they apply. For bachelor courses, you must meet the following:

  • English language proficiency.
  • Submit quantitative and analytical evidence , with a minimum grade of C.
  • Academic record that gathers all the qualifications of the courses taken up to now.
  • Comply with the specific requirements of the program to be studied established for your country.

For postgraduate applicants, these are the requirements:

  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree, or Master’s Degree in the case of aspiring to a Doctorate, completed at a recognized university.
  • Minimum average of 3.0 on the 4.33 scale, calculated from the last 60 credits completed in bachelor. To apply for Doctorates, the minimum average is 3.5.
  • The work done is also taken into account.
  • Evidence certified by qualified referees that you have a sufficient level to pursue advanced studies.
  • English proficiency test.

Steps to apply for the SFU as an international student

If you have already explored all the programs and requirements, all that remains is to apply. To do so follow these steps:

  • To get started you must cover your application fee . Make the payment established for the program you wish to attend. This cost is non-refundable.
  • Sign up and get your account at EducationPlannerBC . Registration is very important so that you can have your own space on the university website, where all your data and the details of your admission process are stored.
  • Complete the application . Provide all the information requested in the application form.
  • If you have already submitted your application, send your documents from your account. Once you’ve reviewed and made sure to attach all your requirements without missing any, it’s time to submit.
  • The next thing will be to receive your offer of a place , which you must accept. It is necessary to formalize the offer by communicating your acceptance of it, if you do not accept it, it will be without effect.

If you want to reside in Canada

You will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and what requirements are asked of you, you can enter here .

Tips for studying at Simon Fraser University as a foreigner

There are not a few people around the world who are attracted to the academic proposal of the Simon Fraser University. There are many applications for admission that they receive constantly. In this sense, you must specify the way to present an application capable of standing out . So we offer these tips to help you in the process:

  • Organize well what you want and the most efficient way to clearly convey the message.
  • Transfer your ideas clearly to paper and don’t be afraid to be creative in your approaches, remember that this institution promotes thinking outside the box.
  • Look for emotional management tools, so that stress or nerves do not play a trick on you.

What can you study at Simon Fraser University?

A rich menu, full of world-class academic programs, with the ability to encourage the desire to explore unexplored points and thus contribute to the advancement of society. SFU’s interdisciplinary proposal is taught through Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate programs and innovative courses that, through the search for excellence, train outstanding professionals.

Bachelor's degrees


  • Art
  • Contemporary Art

Business Administration

  • Business Administration
  • Finance


  • Computing Science
  • Mechatronic Systems

Exact Sciences

  • Mathematics

Health Sciences

  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Psychology

Human Studies

  • Communication
  • Education
  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy
  • World Languages and Literatures

Social Science

  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Gender, Sexuality and Women`s Studies
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Public Policy
  • Sociology
  • Urban Studies

Master's and PhD programs


  • Actuarial Science
  • Applied and Computational Mathematics
  • Archeology
  • Arts Education
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • Computing Science
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Fine Arts
  • Geography
  • Indegenous Business and Leadership
  • Management of Technology
  • Mechatronic Systems Engineering
  • Publishing
  • Science in Finance
  • Statistics & Acturial Science
  • Sustainable Energy Engineering


  • Accounting with Digital Analytics
  • Business Administation


  • Anthropology
  • Contemporary Arts
  • Economics
  • History
  • Linguistics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Political Science


  • Creative Writing
  • Liberal Arts
  • Business and management
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Envorimental toxicology
  • Communication
  • English
  • French
  • Community building

Study at Simon Fraser University- What you need to know

The main commitment of this house of studies lies in giving university students a rich and inspiring experience , with a complete approach to the areas of knowledge that it teaches in its programs. Cooperative teaching is practiced, as training for professional performance.

The passion for acquiring new knowledge that allows transformations to be produced is the main motivation that is breathed at Simon Fraser University. The pedagogical tools that are applied in this institution, not only stand out for their academic quality. They also lead to the personal and cultural development of university students.

This institution is bilingual. It has a series of programs entirely in French, for those who feel more comfortable learning in this language. Events, off-campus activities, workshops, classes, relationships, blend seamlessly with the objectives and academic proposal that flourishes within this diverse, inclusive, and dynamic environment. Studying at SFU is opening the door to a new feat every day, to becoming an increasingly global citizen and discovering new possibilities. Without a doubt, you will keep memories for a lifetime.

Can you work while you study?

Canada, by granting the student visa , allows foreign students to access sources of employment. In this way, you are authorized to perform your work tasks, for a total of 20 hours per week. In this sense, of course you can work and study at the same time . If you find a job opportunity within your campus, presenting your student visa will be enough. In the event that your job option arises outside the university, you will need to complete the work permit procedures (Work permit) and in this way, you will be able to obtain your part-time job. To help students find sources of employment, SFU created, together with employers, the Co-op association , in which university students can explore various job options that are linked to their professional interests. To apply to said association, the student must cover an application fee of $381 USD.

Study English at Simon Fraser University

The ELC Programs (English Language and Culture) are the English courses that are offered within the framework of the university panorama. By means of which, the skills in said language are perfected, so that they lead you on the path of academic and work success. Whichever of the courses you choose, you will dedicate between 24 and 27 hours each week. In which the classes are complemented with extra-academic activities and excursions to put each learning into practice. You can choose between full-time immersion, this will fully immerse you in Canadian culture, so that you can experience life and the language of this territory in your own skin. Another of your options is the part-time Course, this lasts 8 weeks, and enhances your communication when speaking, listening, reading and writing in English. Within the ELC Program offer there are also personalized courses. In addition, good news is that all these courses are available in online format , that is, you can improve your English quietly from home.

How to go on an academic exchange to Simon Fraser University?

Going abroad on an academic exchange represents a large number of advantages both personally and professionally. This opportunity broadens your network of contacts and allows you to better understand and adapt your skills in the global field. Not to mention the importance it has on your resume. Which puts you on the radar of more people and institutions that operate in your area, so your job opportunities increase. SFU offers the possibility to internationalize and grow within its strong community. He receives you for one or two semesters to share his way of imparting knowledge.


  • Study at a university that has a formal exchange agreement with SFU.
  • Transcription of official documents.
  • Color passport style photo.
  • Declaration of interest.
  • English language requirement.
  • Postgraduate students must present two academic references, a curriculum vitae and a research proposal.

Scholarships and Grants offered by Simon Fraser University

This institution has scholarships, loans, subsidies and other methods to provide education to students who, although they do not have financial solvency to invest in their studies, have all the potential to stand out and leave their mark. Through these scholarships, the merits and talents of university students are rewarded. One of these is provided by the university and the others by reputable British Columbia organizations:

  • SFU Entrance Scholarships. These are awarded to students with merits in academic and community work.
  • National Scholarship Program (BBPA-NSP). This program is governed by 3 main criteria to grant the benefit, which are, high academic performance, reporting the status of financial need and actively contributing to your community.
  • Adoption Scholarships This association grants funds to outstanding students in bachelor programs to cover their tuition costs.


Simon Fraser University is spread over 3 campuses in British Columbia , where it houses facilities designed and equipped to excel in the performance of its work.

Burnaby Campus

It's in: 8888 University Drive Burnaby, BC

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 22.4 km


  • This campus stands out for the design of its buildings on top of a mountain.
  • In its extension of 170 hectares, it gathers facilities with the most up-to-date technology.
  • It houses centers and institutes where it carries out important research.

Surrey Campus

It's in: 250-13450 102 Avenue Surrey, BC

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 9.8 km


  • Its location in the heart of the city is undoubtedly a great advantage. It has connections to many places, ideal for exploring.
  • Organize events of various themes for the student community.
  • It has more than 30 programs between Bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees.

Vancouver Campus

It's in: Harbour Center 515 West Hastings Street Vancouver, BC

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 900.0 mts


  • It is located in the area popularly known as the intellectual heart of Vancouver.
  • It has renowned facilities such as the Charles Chang Innovation Center, the Goldcorp Center for the Arts or the SFU Collection at Bill Reid Gallery, among others.
  • Through its Community Programs, it carries out different actions to contribute to the community.

Facilities and Extra Academic Offer

Each of the Simon Fraser University facilities meets the conditions required to develop within them, work with the highest quality. Laboratories and research centers dedicate themselves every day to deepening studies that answer current enigmas and/or that can improve the development of society. Its classrooms have the distribution, resources and technology to facilitate the efficient assimilation of knowledge. As regards the facilities for recreation and sports, they achieve their mission perfectly. In each of the spaces , the dynamism and eagerness to excel of its students is contagious .

Library and digital classrooms

  • SFU Belzberg Library.
  • Fraser Library.
  • WAC Bennett Library.


  • Computer Laboratories.
  • Institute of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience.
  • TRIUMF (Research Institute of Science and Technology for Aging).
  • Chronic Pain Research Institute.
  • Forensic Investigation Center.
  • Educational Neuroscience Laboratory.
  • Center for Cell Biology, Disease.

Sports facilities

The SFU sports clubs have facilities in gymnasiums, open fields, internal spaces, swimming pools and outdoor tracks for the practice of:

  • SFU Athletics.
  • Ice Hockey.
  • badmiton.
  • Fencing.
  • Field lacrosse.
  • ruby.
  • Rowing.
  • Volleyball.
  • Tennis.
  • Grass hockey.
  • Ultimate.
  • Water polo.
  • Climbing wall.
  • Squash.
  • racquetball.

Cafeteria and other recreation centers

  • Campus Food.
  • Dining Hall.
  • Renaissance Coffee AQ.
  • Mackenzie Cafe.
  • Renaissance Coffee AS.
  • Starbucks Cornerstone.
  • Discovery Cafe.
  • Starbucks West Mall.
  • Tim Hortons WMC.
  • Subway AQ.
  • Juice Juice.
  • Higher Grounds.
  • Menchies /C-Store.

Simon Fraser University has earned national and international recognition for its entrepreneurial and creative spirit. Its tendency towards innovation and research makes it always one step ahead of events . If you want to know directly the methods with which it works, submit your request. At Go Study In we have a group of experts willing to provide you with free advice. Take advantage and do not miss your opportunity.

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