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If you are looking for a new study opportunity, there is no doubt that the Universitat Mannheim is a valuable alternative. To know the offer of this institution, you must explore every detail about admission, cost, scholarships and much more. The Universitat Mannheim is one of the most recent pillars of education in Germany , and stands out in the international network with scientific contributions. It stands out for the organization and sponsorship of events that measure the capacity of each student. It is known by its abbreviations UMA , and despite its short history, compared to other German universities, it has a large number of notable alumni:

  • Stefan Lippe. He was recognized as a highly valued insurance administrator, for standing out as an expert thanks to his studies in mathematics and economics.
  • Claus E. Heinrich. He is a brilliant manager and at the same time continues to be part of the faculty of the institution, to support research.
  • Henning Kagermann. Dedicated to physics and business administration at the same time, from an early age he obtained high marks in physics and computer science.

Consider studying at Mannheim University if

  • You want to participate in the scientific community, which is internationally recognized.
  • You are interested in actively interacting in activities of all kinds, since they stimulate the scientific, literary and other aspects.
  • You aim to test your intellectual capacity in forums, debates, congresses and other activities.
  • You dream of being part of one of the best institutions in Germany, established as the most outstanding in studies of economics and social sciences.
  • How much does it cost per course?

    Admission Costs

    $0 USD


    $1,600 USD

    Residence room

    $800 USD

    Food Costs

    $200 USD

    Transport pass

    $180 USD

    Other college payments

    $300 USD

    Studying here can cost you:

    The cost of studying at Mannheim University is estimated at $1,500 USD per month.

    The cost of Mannheim University is estimated by tuition fees, which are specifically targeted towards international students. The fee is measured at approximately $1,600 USD for each semester. This rate has been established since 2018, for this reason, before this date, international students only paid less than the amount mentioned. The UMA is recognized as a public institution that has increased its reputation on a global scale.

    How to study at Mannheim University as a foreigner? What do you need?

    The open doors of the Universitat Mannheim include a high acceptance of international students . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs team is in charge of providing advice to all types of international applicants. Admission policies focus on mobility with notable abilities, that is, having academic and linguistic qualities appropriate to the environment. Approximately one in five nationalities can benefit from this exceptional study opportunity. On the other hand, the study programs have a special adaptation to focus on the international aspect. The staff takes care to provide constant support to each foreign student , even beyond approval. The Welcome Center is in charge of inviting and encouraging international students to be part of research. In addition, the requirements are flexible to incorporate a greater number of students and continue doing academic history.

    Requirements to study at the Mannheim University as a foreign student

    A smooth start at the Universitat Mannheim depends on the presentation of all the requirements imposed by this institution. Each application is different , since it depends on your nationality and the degree you choose, but generally you will need the following:

    • Approval of the entrance test. The entrance test depends on the secondary education diploma and the language certificate. Each must be legally translated to be accepted abroad.
    • German proficiency test. Each applicant must pass a German language course, demonstrating a minimum level of C1 proficiency.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV). You must present a completely updated curriculum, where each achievement is exposed in the form of a table.
    • Motivation letter or missive . Attach a motivation letter to explain the reason why you want to be part of this university. The writing requires to be under the German language.
    • Additional language skills test . Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Business Informatics and Linguistics and Current English Literary Studies. They require mastery of another language in addition to German.
    • Evidence of extracurricular qualifications. Some courses have advantages during the selection process, presenting an opportunity to enhance your enrollment prospects.
    • Identification documents. Corresponds to the presentation of passport and passport-type photograph.

    How to apply for the UMA

    The Mannheim University application process is short, but you need to maintain a high level of care. For this reason you must inquire about the academic offer, the type of deadlines to enter and obtaining each of the requirements, to start the application:

    1. Create an online registration at the Admission Office. Every candidate must create a user to be classified as a candidate. You can then select your nationality to receive an entry questionnaire.
    2. Provide your academic information. For each nationality there are specific academic requirements. When sending the nationality, you enter a section to attach the certificate of completion of studies.
    3. Achieves approval of the German language. You need to apply or present German language proficiency to get an entry qualification.
    4. Complete the income qualification. Once you receive this notification, it means that the academic requirements have passed the entrance evaluation.
    5. Attach the other documents. You only need to formalize the registration with the curriculum documents, motivation letter and the registration payment.

    If you want to reside in Germany

    you will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and what requirements are required, you can enter here

    Tips for studying at Mannheim University

    To be part of the UMA, consider the following recommendations to make your dream a reality. Keep these tips in mind:

    1. Attend virtual activities of the university. As you get involved with the academic environment offered, you get a better profile to enter.
    2. Be part of German courses. There is no doubt that linguistic ability must be thoroughly worked on and shaped. It is an entry requirement and at the same time facilitates the approval of the application.
    3. Take care and strive for your grades. The academic average is a striking point to be accepted. The chances of being admitted increase when your qualifications are transformed into a presentation of your qualities.
    4. Stay involved in extracurricular activities. This training beyond developing skills, you can be better qualified to enter. Especially if it is an offer from the UMA, because it raises your acceptance grade.

    What can you study at Mannheim University?

    The offer of the UMA begins with an important number of bachelor and postgraduate programs, through around 8 faculties. Some study options combine non-economic studies with business studies. It is a pioneering university in adapting an international academic calendar, so that it is an opportunity that is compatible with all kinds of students. The studies and the academic proposal have left a precedent of innovation and growth aspirations.

    Bachelor's degrees

    Business Administration

    • Corporate Finance and Risk Management
    • Economics
    • Financial Accounting
    • Finanzmathematik
    • Taxation of multinational firms


    • Development and Management of Information Systems

    Exact Sciences

    • Mathematics of Finance / Quantitative Methods

    Human Studies

    • Cognitive Psychology
    • Law
    • Philosophy
    • Psychology

    Social Science

    • Data Collection
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Methods in International Relations
    • Political Science
    • Sociology

    Master's and PhD programs


    • Audit Theory
    • Introduction to Sociology
    • Investments
    • Operations Management
    • Reporting and Capital Markets


    • Empirical Political Research
    • Group Accounting
    • Produktion
    • Topics in Political Sociology


    • Business Administration
    • Business Informatics
    • Human Resources Management
    • International Accounting
    • Introduction to Financial Accounting
    • Strategic and International Management
    • Integrated Information Systems
    • Intensive german
    • Marketing
    • United in diversity a history of the European Union

    Studying at Mannheim University – What you need to know

    The student community at Mannheim University is made up of 12,000 students , 15% of whom are foreigners . This means that you can find some 110 nationalities within the institution. For the attention and development of academic activities, there are more than 50 active organizations. In addition, government intervention allows some NGOs to facilitate international mobility. Student protection initiatives have been classified as Model United Nations , which is why student organizations have broad power. On a global scale, studies related to business or economics are acclaimed. On the other hand, the holding of forums or other activities extends to the participation of alumni. Where one of the largest innovation and entrepreneurship conferences dedicated to students has been organized.

    Can you work while studying?

    Yes, you can work while studying at Mannheim University. The opportunity to work and study in Germany is available, all UMA students can take advantage of the option of professional practices. On the other hand, the profile or style of jobs to be filled are part-time. All students can work a maximum period of 20 hours per week , this is applicable during the school period. Additionally, when you are on vacation you can work 120 full days , or 240 half days during a year. However, some cases or jobs, you may require a work permit, it all depends on the field of work. If you have any questions regarding this employment situation, you can consult the Federal Employment Agency.

    Study German at Mannheim University

    The academic transformation provided by the Universitat Mannheim extends to mastering the German language. It is essential that each program is completed through an increasingly higher language level, and even the English language.

    • Intensive German . It is a training through exhaustive preparation through exams. The levels that meet the approval of this course must be from A1 to C2.

    How to go on an academic exchange at the Universitat Mannheim?

    The International Office of the Universitat Mannheim is in charge of providing support, as well as exclusive academic exchange offers. There must be a bilateral agreement to be able to be part of one or two semesters. When you return to your home university, you should consider that you are not going to receive a degree from the UMA , the institution acts as a guarantee of reputation. Being part of the Law and Business departments are the ones that offer the most prestige.


    • Application for academic exchange . This is possible as long as there is an agreement between both institutions.
    • Language domain . This can be from language ability in German or English.
    • Take a knowledge test . It refers to a measure of your academic and language skills.

    Scholarships and Grants offered by the Mannheim University

    At the University of Mannheim, more than 250 scholarships are awarded a year , not only limited to financial support, but also help and invitation to be part of research. The opportunity that this university has for each student is valuable.

    • Paid internships. It is defined as a job opportunity, where you can attend or cover an institute to learn and get a salary. Part-time you can relate to your field of study to measure your professional quality.
    • Financial support by fee. Economic support is offered to all types of students, who undergo a socioeconomic study. Based on the result, you can enjoy a kind of loan for mobility expenses.
    • Financing for bachelor’s or doctoral degrees. It is a financial proposal, destined as soon as the admission communication is produced. Foreign students benefit the most from this option and grades are considered.


    The UMA campus is a palace itself, it is located in the city center of Mannheim , classified as an enabling environment by the best resources. In the same way, since its inauguration it has only been dedicated to expansion.

    UMA Campus

    It's in: 68131 Mannheim, Germany

    Universitary residence: Yes

    Distance to the City Center: 32 km


    • The campus is made up of a highly sophisticated and historic palace.
    • The university is located in the center of the city to maintain full contact with German culture.
    • The distribution is allocated to the west zone made up of two squares, and the east zone is the main academic station.
    • The original palace of the construction of 1955 is the niche of the Business School, Faculty of Law and the School of Humanities.
    • Its last remodeling was carried out in 2007, to create a larger central building with totally reconstructed historical rooms.

    Facilities and Extra Academic Offer

    The modern and contemporary style is guaranteed at the Universitat Mannheim, it preserves important milestones, by conserving part of the historical structures. The palaces are transformed into a highly interesting environment. Among observatories, churches, and museums, this university has been formed, which has not been established for a long time, but was born from old and relevant institutes for Germany. On the other hand, the extra academic offer is one of the best in Europe.

    Library and digital classrooms

    • Set of internal libraries, and another external group linked to the volumes of the city.
    • State-of-the-art digital media.


    • Rooms and scientific institutes, suitable for holding forums and avant-garde activities.

    Sports facilities

    • Sports practice fields, intended for soccer, basketball, volleyball and much more.

    Cafes and other recreation centers

    • Student meeting centers.
    • Conventions held in a space baptized as Mannheim Schneckenhof.
    • Jesuit Church,
    • Monument to Anna Hoelzel.

    This study opportunity can be part of your professional future if you wish. In order for you to obtain the best possible advice, all you have to do is fill out the form. Through Go Study In you are one decision away from making your expectations come true.

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