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Did you know that Lund University has about 270 different programs ? This university is ranked among the top 100 in the world.

Lund University is a public university located in Sweden and is the oldest in Northern Europe.

This was founded in 1425 as the “Studium Generale Franciscano” but it was not until 1666 that its foundation was made official next to Lund Cathedral.

If you are interested in the areas of science and want to specialize, Lund University has specialized laboratories , one of them is the “Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory” which is recognized worldwide , thus housing the most powerful neutron source in the world.

Lund University has outstanding students in the area of study in which they specialized at a professional level, these are some of them:

  • Hans Alfredson. He is a late Swedish actor who stood out as a film director, writer and comedian, he won the best director award in 1975.
  • Sofia Helin. She is a well-known Swedish actress who was awarded at the “Guldbagge” awards for one of her performances in the “The Bridge” saga.
  • Louise Epstein. Graduated from Lund University as a journalist, she stands out professionally as a Swedish writer and journalist.
  • Morgan Johanson. He is a Swedish politician under the title of “Minister of Justice”, also a graduate of Lund University.

Consider studying at Lund University if

  • You are interested in studying at a university that belongs to the “League of European Research Universities” and the “global university network”.
  • Which has facilities for the investigation of radiation material.
  • Which is located in a university city that has a hospital center at its disposal.
  • You are interested in conducting high-level research and has extensive medical training.
  • You are interested in teaching and training in the aviation school.

How much does it cost per course?

Admission Costs

$104,576 USD


$16.340,5 USD

Residence room

$464,781 USD

Food Costs

$48,9182 USD

Transport pass

$97,6041 USD

Other college payments

$118,403 USD

Studying here can cost you:

Studying at Lund University has an approximate annual cost of $24,640 USD

Lund University has one of the best academic training programs, being a comprehensive university due to the offers it provides in different subject areas, in such a way that the cost of your tuition will correspond to the degree you choose.

However, in general terms , the annual fulltime bachelor tuition is around USD $16,340.5 , while specializations such as master’s studies have an approximate cost of USD $14,760.3.

It is important to clarify that these payments correspond mainly to students who do not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area. In the same way, they can apply for scholarships awarded by Lund University and have financing of up to 100% of the tuition .

Other relevant points to consider is the cost of living when studying at LU , in terms of food you can have an approximate cost of USD $48.9182 (adding some miscellaneous items).

Regarding the rental payment, this can vary according to the requirements of the person and the location, they can be found between USD $82,4987 to USD $464,781 , to this must be added the basic services expenses USD $118,403 .

Sweden has a variety of public transport (metro, train, trams and buses) that is completely safe and is accessed with a travel card.

In the same way, every student can have a student travel card that serves to have a discount.

The value of the student travel cards is USD $65.0694 to use one month in Stockholm and USD $97.6041 with one month use for other counties such as Lund.

How to study at Lund University as a foreigner? What do you need?

This prestigious university has a student population of approximately 40,000 students who are dispersed among the 270 programs offered by Lund University. LU offers great academic opportunities and obtaining a degree from this university means having a quality curriculum both in Sweden and in other countries.

What do you need to study at Lund University?

At Lund University, the entry requirements are made up of the general documents and those that are requested according to the country of origin. Lund University grants the possibility of applying and entering its facilities through its scholarship program aimed specifically at foreign students .

Here we provide you with information on the necessary requirements to enter LU in general terms as a foreigner.

  • You must have successfully completed secondary education as proof of being able to enter the university from the country of origin.
  • Have the official academic record .
  • In the case of pursuing a master’s degree, you must have the official academic record and the degree certificate.
  • Have the additional entry requirements in terms of the subject of mathematics in case of applying to a career such as economics.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in English through an internationally recognized test.
  • Have an equivalent of previous studies with Swedish secondary courses and levels.
  • Depending on the career you apply for, you must make the application payment (its value varies depending on the profession).
  • Passport and identification documents .

Note: if you are interested in knowing more about the requirements that must be met according to the career you apply for and the country of origin, you can enter the following link .

What is the process to be accepted at Lund University?

To study at Lund University, you must execute the application process that is carried out through the “Swedish University Admissions” system, also keep in mind that you can only apply on the application dates.

  1. Make the online application having at hand the requirements demanded by the program or course of interest, you can enter directly at this link .
  2. Once inside the suggested web portal, you have to create an account and select the course you want to enter , then the program options are classified and sent before the deadline.
  3. The documents are then sent following the specific rules required for each country.
  4. Pay the application fee, which may cost approximately $104,576 USD (depending on each major).

Note: if you are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree at Lund University you can click here and see more details about the requirements. If you are considering a course taught at Lund University, click here and find out the requirements for it.

If you want to reside in Sweden

You will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and what requirements are required, you can enter here .

Tips for studying at Lund University

  • Don’t stay alone in the process . Seek help from experts in university registration in foreign countries who have extensive knowledge of the documentation required not only by the university, but also by the country in question.
  • Study English . It is a requirement that you have a good command of the language, so sign up for a course that also prepares you to successfully pass the international English tests.
  • Have everything organized before applying . And here we are not only referring to the documents and papers that the university asks of you, since having the funds required to enroll is equally important.
  • Show your interest by signing up on time . Do not wait until the last minute to apply, and try to do it the first days of the call.

What can you study at Lund University?

Lund University is divided into 8 faculties, 9 bachelor’s programs, about 100 master’s programs and just over 500 independent English courses for foreign students.

The degree programs are achieved in the different subject areas offered by the university , here you can explore what is of interest to you.

Bachelor's degrees


  • Bellas Artes
  • Música, música folclórica y mundial

Business Administration

  • Economía y Sociedad
  • Negocios internacionales

Exact Sciences

  • Física
  • Matemáticas

Health Sciences

  • Biomedicina

Human Studies

  • Estudios ingleses

Social Science

  • Geografía Física y Ciencias de los Ecosistemas

Master's and PhD programs


  • Análisis de datos y economía empresarial
  • Arqueología
  • Bellas Artes en la Investigación Artística
  • Contabilidad y Finanzas
  • Crecimiento económico, población y desarrollo
  • Derecho comercial y fiscal europeo e internacional
  • Derecho internacional de los derechos humanos
  • Estudios asiáticos
  • Estudios de derechos humanos
  • Gestión estratégica internacional
  • Literatura - Cultura - Medios de comunicación, literatura inglesa
  • Marketing internacional y gestión de marca
  • Música, estudios vocales
  • Sistemas de información


  • Música, composición
  • Música, interpretación

Study at Lund University – What you need to know

Lund University is headquartered in Skåne, a province that is located in Malmö in southern Sweden, and the rest of the campus is located in the city of Lund, Helsingborg, and Ljungbyhed. In turn, LU is 6 to 7 hours away from Stockholm.

In its surroundings you can find historical museums, botanical parks, playgrounds, Lund Cathedral, natural spaces, science museums, sports complexes, monuments, specialized museums, entertainment centers, spas, restaurants, hotels and many more.

This university is recognized throughout Scandinavia as the best research center and one of the best in the entire European Union, even being a reference for the publications of scientific journals. The Swedish government has been in charge of providing various scholarships for research purposes at Lund University, likewise the EU is the second to finance such studies. In such a way that the university is active in different research areas of global importance.

Within the laboratories of Lund University they are in charge of studying nanotechnology , stem cells, climate change among other aspects. They have also stood out for their medical and technological contributions such as creating ultrasound, the artificial kidney and the use of Bluetooth.

Can you work while studying at Lund University?

LU has shown full support for its students in regards to employment , in such a way that it offers courses and programs that are linked to companies, local and global organizations.

Standing out as a research and inventive university , Lund University is surrounded by knowledge-intensive companies , among them are: Ericsson, Sony Mobile, Tetra Pak, Gambro, Alfa Laval.

Foreign students have the possibility to study and work at the same time , in Sweden there is no legal limit to the number of working hours a foreign student can have.

In the city of Lund, the salary varies according to the career or occupation to which the person is dedicated, but the basic salary is approximately $3.32992 USD and the cost of living according to the expenses that the person has is $9,300 USD.

Study English at Lund University

Lund University, in addition to being known for its high technological and scientific level, also stands out for providing some 500 courses taught in English for the benefit of foreign students.

This university has master’s programs in language and linguistics, including English. Students majoring in English Linguistics at LU will become part of an internationally renowned community.

LU specializes in different fields of learning to acquire a second language such as sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics. Therefore, a person who studies English at Lund University will have mastery of:

  • the grammar
  • Semantics
  • Lexicology
  • History of English and variations of the language.

In order to study English at LU, the person must have a degree in language and linguistics, as well as an academic transcript, present the bachelor’s thesis, must have a standard level of English (level 6) and obtain a score of 7.5 in the IELTS test.

Studying English at Lund University has an annual tuition fee of $25,5630 USD and a first payment of $6,390.74 USD.

How to go on exchange to Lund University?

If what you want is to study for a while at this university, you can review the repertoire of courses offered to foreign students by clicking here. In addition, there is a language program for those who wish to delve into the Swedish language.

The development of this format of studies has two periods of time: autumn and spring. Likewise, the university accepts proposals from different groups to open new courses according to existing interests.

To carry out this procedure it is necessary to contact them through this email: [email protected] . If you belong to a university with an agreement, the way to apply is through your own institution. After your application, the international affairs office can nominate you, and that is where the other procedures begin.


  • Check the specific requirements of each course by following the link that we showed you before.
  • Certified English proficiency with a minimum IELTS score of 6.5.

Scholarships and grants offered by Lund University

The scholarship program offered by Lund University is called “Global Scholarship” which means that this is a global scholarship aimed at foreign students who are outside the EU and the EEA who also have high academic performance.

This scholarship can be requested by people who wish to study bachelor or master’s degrees at LU and has coverage from 25% to 100% of the tuition to be paid , which is why the process to apply for this scholarship is quite selective, competitive and merit-based.

It must be taken into account that the scholarship only covers tuition fees , so the student must have the expenses to pay the cost of living in Lund. To be chosen in the selection of the global scholarship of Lund University you must have the following:

  • Being a foreign student outside the European Union.
  • You must pay the tuition fee.
  • Has applied for regular studies for at least one semester, that is, 30 credits.
  • Write a scholarship motivation letter with a maximum of 600 words.

You can enter here to apply for the Global Scholarship.

Lund University campuses and venues

Lund University is surrounded by four campuses that can be easily accessed by public transport, bicycle or walking, each one of them has varied spaces where students develop.


Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 8398 km


  • Lund’s main building was designed by Helgo Zettervall.
  • Here are the administrative offices and that of the vice-chancellor.
  • It houses the language and literature center.
  • It has a humanities cafe and a library.
  • It has a public park called Lundagård.
  • Lund Cathedral is also on this campus.


It's in: Skåne län, Sverige

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 49.26 km


  • It houses about 4000 students.
  • It is located 30 minutes from the city of Lund traveling by train.
  • There is the “Service Management Department”.
  • It has the “Department of Communication Studies”.
  • School of social work.
  • Faculty of Engineering.


It's in: Skaya region

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 16 km


  • Here they hold cultural and sporting events.
  • It has the Faculty of Fine Arts and Performing Arts.
  • Music Academy.
  • Theater academy.
  • The largest hospital in Sweden is located here.


It's in: Drottningvägen 5, 264 51 Ljungbyhed

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 40 km


  • Aviation School (LUSA).
  • It is 1 hour by car from the city of Lund.

Facilities and extra academic offers

Lund University is a university with an open design composed of four campuses that are designed differently with ancient and modern architecture, here a wide variety of careers are offered according to each faculty, which are 8 in total.


  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Science Faculty
  • Law School
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • School of Medicine
  • Faculty of Humanities and Theology
  • School of Economics and business management
  • Faculty of Art, Music and Theater

Library and virtual classrooms

  • astronomy library
  • biology library
  • Helsingborg Campus, Library
  • Civil Engineering Library, LTH
  • Economics and Management Library (LUSEM Library)
  • geolibrary
  • HT Libraries, Asia Library
  • HT Libraries, LUX Library (Center for Humanities and Theology)
  • HT Libraries, SOL Library (Language and Literature Center)
  • IIIEE Library, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
  • law library
  • Architecture and Design Library, LTH
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library
  • Mathematics Library
  • Library of the Faculty of Medicine, BMC
  • physics library
  • Library of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute
  • Library of the Faculty of Social Sciences


  • MAX IV Laboratory
  • European Spallation Neutron Source (ESS)

Sports facilities

  • Classes and gyms in Gerdahallen
  • Sports courts and gym at Viktoriastadion

Cafeteria and other recreation centers

  • Stamstället
  • Ester Mat & Coffee
  • Café Le Mani
  • Eden Cafe
  • Cafe Hjärtat
  • holger coffee
  • Juridicum Coffee
  • Cafe LUX
  • Music Academy Cafe

Sport clubs

  • Baseball: Malmö Pilots
  • Basketball: EOS Lund
  • Fencing: LUGI Fäktförening
  • Soccer: Lund SK, Lund BOIS, Lunds BK
  • Swimming: Högevallsbadet

If the information provided about how to study at Lund University helped you decide if you want to continue with your application, do not hesitate to fill out the Go Study In form so that our experts can advise you during the process.

Lund University Photos

  • Lund University
  • Lund University
  • Lund University
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