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Queen Mary University of London

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Queen Mary University of London is a public university in England that stands out for being the largest center of teaching and research in the medical field . Its foundation dates back to 1785, but it was not until 1887 that it obtained its current name. Currently, the institution has around 28,000 students of 160 nationalities. In general, it is considered the most inclusive university in the Russell Group to which it belongs. To this is added the 4,000 workers who live in its 5 campuses located in different parts of the world. There are many networks to which this higher education center belongs. In addition to them, it is necessary to highlight the association that it maintains with large industrial firms such as IBM, Huawei and Pfizer . Given that his reputation is closely related to research, an area in which he has made great contributions, many of his graduates have been true leaders in the scientific world. In fact, a large number have had the honor of winning Nobel Prizes for their significant contributions.

  • Peter Mansfield . Physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his contribution to developing nuclear magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Jane Hill . She is the main presenter of BBC News in England.
  • Piers Corbyn . He is a meteorologist who owns the WeatherAction company that is in charge of making weather forecasts.

Consider studying at Queen Mary University of London if

  • Careers in the area of medicine call your attention.
  • You seek to develop as a researcher and train with the best and most optimal conditions.
  • You are interested in learning in an inclusive environment full of diversity, sharing with people from all over the world.

How much does it cost per course?

Admission Costs

$ 0 USD


$ 22.700 USD

Residence room

$ 5.988 USD

Food Costs

$ 2.112 USD

Transport pass

$ 1.500 USD

Other college payments

$ 1.215 USD

Studying here can cost you:

Around $33,515 USD per year

The QMUL has two tuition fees : one for national students and one for international students. The latter is more expensive because the Government does not grant subsidies to universities for international students. In addition to this, you must take into account that the total tuition you pay during the first year increases for the second and third years due to inflation. However, this increase is not that significant, as it generally ranges from $11 USD to $58 USD . You should also consider that some courses will ask you for additional payments that are usually related to mandatory field trips. Tuition varies from program to program. But in general, prices range from $22,692 USD to $47,919 USD , with language programs being the cheapest and medicine being the most expensive. In addition to this, paying for the residence that includes all services will cost you between $5,986 USD to $9,961 USD per year.

How to study at Queen Mary University of London as a foreigner? What do you need?

The Queen Mary University of London opens its doors to international students so that they can study at its facilities. There are some things that you need to have on hand and others that need to be done in order to get into a career at this university. One of them is to study the International Foundation Year offered by the institution. These studies last one year and they seek to improve the student’s skills and basic knowledge about the program they want to take. In this way, they will be better prepared and with more resources to face their challenges. However, this is not necessary if you have already completed a full year of a degree at another university and have obtained good academic results . Even if you have studied a program for two years you can be transferred to the second year of the program at QMUL. There are some programs that request more requirements than usual. That is why we invite you to review the requirements of each race by entering this link .

How to apply for the Queen Mary University of London

  • Take the foundation program . If you have completed a year or two of another university program, you have the possibility of entering the degree directly, as long as you are in good academic standing.
  • English proficiency test . Each program has a different minimum requirement that you can check here . Something you should know is that if you do not meet the basic level, you have the possibility of taking a pre-degree course at the University’s Language Center.
  • Student visa . To apply for it you need a minimum knowledge of the language, that is, with a score of 5.5 in IELTS.
  • Academic record transcript .

What is the process to be accepted as an international student?

  1. Apply at the Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS). In this process you can choose up to 5 different races. Keep in mind that the university code is Q50 and that you can find the code for each course here .
  2. Wait for the university to review your application . This process usually takes two weeks, and sometimes, for some specialized programs, it can take a little longer.
  3. Review the offer that the university will make you . It can be a conditional offer where you do not meet all the necessary requirements and you are advised to opt for another program, or it can be an unconditional offer where you do meet all the requirements and you just need to accept.
  4. If you accept, proceed to pay the university tuition and put in order the paperwork for documents such as the student visa and accommodation.

If you want to reside in the United Kingdom

you will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and what requirements are required, you can enter here .

Tips for studying at Queen Mary University of London

  1. Do not leave anything for the last minute . In addition to applying well in advance, almost when the dates of the calls are released, try to have all your documents organized before applying.
  2. Get college experiences . Apply for a degree at a university and complete at least one year of it. In this way, you will not have to go through the International Foundation Year of the QMUL and you will be able to enter directly to study the program that you like.
  3. Do not neglect your academic average . It will be of no use to you to complete a year at a university in your country and obtain low grades, since a condition to comply with the above is that you are in good academic condition. Therefore, strive to study.
  4. Improve your English skills . Not meeting the minimum level can set you back at least a year in your studies. In this sense, mastering the language well will not only allow you to increase the chances of being accepted, but also save you an extra year at university.

What can you study at Queen Mary University of London?

This university offers 138 bachelor programs, 287 graduate programs, and 33 areas for postgraduate research .

Bachelor's degrees


  • Drama
  • Film Studies

Business Administration

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Business Management
  • Finance
  • Hispanic Studies with Business Management
  • Marketing


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Engineering for Business

Exact Sciences

  • Astrophysicis
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer Science
  • Geography BA
  • Human Geography
  • Matemáticas
  • Physics
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Theoretical Physics

Health Sciences

  • Clinical Foundation Studies
  • Detinstry
  • Intercalated Experimental Pathology
  • Intercalated Medical Education
  • Medical Genetics
  • Medicine
  • Neuroscience
  • Oral Health
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Psychology

Human Studies

  • Comparative Literature
  • Cultural History
  • English and History
  • English Language
  • English with Creative Writing
  • Intellectual History
  • Linguistics
  • Modern and Contemporary History
  • Modern Languages
  • World History
  • Zoología

Social Science

  • Economics
  • Economics and Politics
  • Global Law
  • International Relations
  • Law Senior Status
  • Politics
  • Politics and Sociology

Master's and PhD programs


  • Accounting and Finance Msc
  • Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc
  • Advanced Robotics MSc
  • Aerospace Structure and Materials
  • Aesthetic Medicine Online MSc
  • Aquatic Ecology by Research
  • Astrophysicis MSc
  • Behaviorual Finance MSc
  • Big Data Science MSc
  • Bioinformatics MSc
  • Biomedical Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Cancer and Clinical Oncology MSc
  • Cancer and Molecular Pathology and Genomics MSc
  • Chemical Research
  • Clinical Dermatology
  • Clinical Drug Development
  • Clinical Microbiology
  • Comparative Literature MA
  • Competition Law
  • Computer Games MSc
  • Corporate Finance
  • Criminal Justice
  • Dental Materials
  • Development and Interntional Business
  • Economics MSc
  • Endodoctic Practice
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Enviromental Law
  • Finance MSc
  • Forensic Medical Science
  • Gastroenterology
  • Genomic Medicine


  • Alemán
  • Árabe
  • Chino
  • Francés
  • Inglés
  • Italiano
  • Japonés

Study at Queen Mary University of London – What you need to know

QMUL welcomes students from more than 160 countries . Therefore, you will find yourself in a very inclusive and diverse environment where you can meet people from all over the globe. All campuses are very close to central London, so you’ll have access to cinemas, galleries, museums, theaters and parks throughout the area. Not only this will allow you not to have time to get bored, but you will also find around 300 societies that you can join according to your interests. Anyway, there are many activities in which you can develop. From joining a sports team , volunteering , doing an internship in a company to improve your CV, and many more. Studying at this university that is so closely linked to one of the most diverse cities in the world is not a waste. On top of all this, you’ll be at one of the world’s leading research universities. This means that you will have highly-prepared professors who are leading the main lines of research that pertain to science today. Therefore, you will live the experience of learning with true experts .

Can you work while you study?

It is possible to work while studying at Queen Mary University of London. The first thing you should know is that to find a job you can count on the guidance of the Careers and Entrepreneurship area of the university. Here you will be provided with all kinds of tips and tools that will facilitate the search process. In addition to this, you can access one of the programs offered by the institution to gain experiences and skills in your career. But you can also choose to look for a part-time job outside the university, although you should know that in this case it is difficult to find one that corresponds to your career. Now, in order for you to have permission to work in England as a foreigner, you must have a full-time student immigration permit . In the event that you have a part-time student immigration permit, you will not be able to access a job in England. During the academic period you can only work 10 to 20 hours per week , and on vacation you can work as long as you want.

Study English at Queen Mary University of London

The QMUL Language Center offers different programs depending on the student’s situation, and what level of studies they are studying. In this sense, there are foundational courses, pre-masters, pre-sessions and intra-sessions . All of them are intended to improve the English skills of students while they are studying their study programs or before starting them. Similarly, other modern languages and foreign languages are taught through other courses open to the public to increase employment opportunities and social mobility. In addition to English, the languages offered are Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French and Spanish .

How to go on an academic exchange to Queen Mary University of London?

You can go to study for a while at Queen Mary University of London for a period of 6 to 12 months through the exchange program or for 6 weeks at summer school . If you opt for the first, you have the option of going there during the spring or in the fall . However, the 6-month period involves taking 60 credits in courses. Once you finish your studies, you will obtain the grade transcript , and the transfer of credits will remain in the system that your home university has.


  • Have completed at least 1 year of studies at your home university.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0 points or equivalent.
  • English quiz. The minimum required score varies from program to program. Therefore, we invite you to review directly the program in which you are interested.

Scholarships and Grants offered by Queen Mary University of London

QMUL offers many generous scholarships and funding sources for its students. However, most of them are not available to international students. In any case, in conjunction with some organizations, scholarships are opened for students from certain countries.

  • ANID (Chile Scholarships) . Part of an alliance with CONICYT. Covers all or part of the tuition for postgraduate programs, whether master’s or PhD. In addition to this, it covers the round trip ticket, as well as accommodation. It is aimed at students of Chilean nationality.
  • ANII Scholarships . It is aimed at Uruguayan students who have been accepted into a master’s or doctoral program. The value of the scholarship is $20,000 USD per year to pay tuition and living expenses. In turn, the university offers a discount of 20% for master’s degrees and 50% for postgraduate degrees.
  • Pronabec-President of the Republic Scholarships . Part of the initiative of the Peruvian Government for students of this same nationality. They can access a scholarship that covers all tuition and all stipends to study a complete program of any postgraduate at QMUL.


Queen Mary University of London has 5 campuses in London and in addition to them it has international campuses located in Malta, Paris, China and Singapore .

Mile End Main Campus

It's in: Mile End Rd, Bethnal Green, London E1 4NS, UK

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 32km


  • School of Humanities, Sciences, Engineering and Social Sciences.
  • Student residences.
  • Reading theaters.
  • Libraries.
  • Central administrative services.

Whitechapel Campus

It's in: Whitechapel Campus, London E1 2AD, United Kingdom

Universitary residence: No

Distance to the City Center: 50 km


  • School of Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Blizard Institute.
  • Institute for Education in Health Sciences.
  • Library.
  • Institute of Dentistry.
  • Royal London Hospital.

Charterhouse Square Campus

It's in: Rutland Pl, Barbican, London EC1M 6AX, United Kingdom

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 21


  • School of Medicine and Dentistry.
  • Wolfson Institute for Preventive Medicine.
  • Joseph Robtlat Building.
  • Heart Center.
  • Residences for Medicine students.

Lincoln's Inn Fields

It's in: 67 - 69 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3JB, United Kingdom

Universitary residence: No

Distance to the City Center: 15 km


  • Postgraduate Laws.
  • Center for Commercial Law Studies.
  • LLM teaching.

West Smithfield

It's in: Pathology and Museum Block, St Bartholomew's Hospital, W Smithfield, London EC1A 7BE, United Kingdom

Universitary residence: No

Distance to the City Center: 45 km


  • St Bartholomew’s hospital (Barts).
  • West Smithfield Medical Library.
  • Research facilities on cardiovascular, cancer, epidemiology and public health.

Facilities and Extra Academic Offer

The QMUL has a great interest in the integral development of its students. This is evident in its facilities and in the activities that take place within them. In the case of sports, you will find more than 60 sports clubs for you to choose from according to your preferences and interests. It doesn’t matter if you want to train to compete, to stay fit or to have fun. Your resistance level is not relevant either, since you have the help of trainers to design a plan that fits you. Without a doubt, this is a good way to stay healthy on a physical and mental level. However, it is not the only way in which the university attacks any possible outbreak of diseases. You will also receive help and guidance for your academic, personal and health issues . There are many specialists and professionals who keep everything under the strictest confidentiality. Apart from them, you can enjoy the guides with tips to live well. All the investigations can be found in the 6 libraries that are located throughout all the campuses.

Libraries and virtual classrooms

  • Mile End Library.
  • Whitechapel Library.
  • West Smithfield Library.
  • The Hive.
  • canalside.
  • The Graduate Center.
  • Wolfson Institute Library.


  • Physics Laboratory.
  • BioFluids Laboratories.
  • Cell & Tissue Engineering Laboratories.
  • Combustion Laboratory.
  • Computational Modeling Facilities.
  • Gait Analysis Laboratory.
  • Medical Electronics Lab.
  • Nanofluid Research Lab.

Sports facilities

  • Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
  • Qmotion.

Cafes and other recreation centers

  • Cafe Grad.
  • The Curve.
  • Nucleus.
  • SCR Lounge.

This university is an excellent option for professional training. If you have already chosen and want to apply, we invite you to fill out the form that appears below. When you do, an expert in college admissions matters will contact you to guide you through the process.

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