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Is graduating from a recognized university in Canada, for its academic quality and focus on its students, your primary requirement? The Lakehead University focused on its students offers you this great opportunity. Likewise, this university was founded in 1946 and since 2015 it has officially cooperated with the ESPOCH. Having more than 50 years of experience in higher education.

In addition, it is a public institution of the Republic of Canada; which has two university campuses in: Thunder Bay and Orilla. Below we will name just some of the recognitions, outstanding attributes and highly recognized graduates of this Canadian university:

  • Steve Ashton . Minister of Water Administration / MLA Thompson, Government of Manitoba.
  • Internationally accredited (AACSB) . The only business school in Northern Ontario, housing the western campus of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.
  • Lyn McLeod OOnt . Canadian politician, former leader of the Ontario Liberal Party, and former Provincial Cabinet Minister (multiple posts).
  • It stands apart from other universities. For having one of the largest Aboriginal student communities in all of Canada.
  • Anthony LeBlanc . Sports executive, former president, CEO and alternate governor of the Arizona Coyotes, former vice president of global sales for BlackBerry.

Consider Lakehead University if

  • Would you like to continue your higher education at a university that guarantees 94% success in your job search as a graduate?
  • As an international student you want to perfect new languages and be treated equally as an inclusive university.
  • You are looking to study at one of the best universities in Canada with everything you need for your professional studies and much more.

How much does it cost per course?

Admission Costs

$0 USD


$1,697 USD

Residence room

$1,324 USD

Food Costs

$651 USD

Transport pass

$0 USD

Other college payments

$1,000 USD

Studying here can cost you:

One semester $10,182 USD, plus additional expenses $2,975 USD per month.

Lakehead University is a public institution where you will have to pay certain costs when you enter as a student. The same, are designated to the careers, bachelor, postgraduates, certificates that you want to study; since, each one has a duration time so the cost may be higher. That is, the tuition for an bachelor program is different from that of a master’s program. On average annually for an bachelor’s degree you can pay approximately $20,724 USD ; while for a postgraduate degree the amount would be $24,448 USD . Also, you must take into account the costs for residence, food, etc. We could be talking about a cost of living of $10,060 USD . Lakehead, on the other hand, grants its students a special bus ticket with unlimited use so that they can leave and return to campus as many times as they want in their free time. Remember in the same way that investing in your professional future will bring you great triumphs and improvements in the quality of life; In addition, in Canada you will have many opportunities to work and study at the same time: so that you can pay for your degree and you will also be able to opt for the scholarship plans provided by the university.

How to study at Lakehead University as a foreigner? What do you need?

Lakehead is recognized for its research excellence, being named by Reaserch Infosource as the best Canadian university for bachelor research for five consecutive years (2015 – 2019) . In addition, being recognized worldwide for the aforementioned, it is among the elite business schools in the world internationally accredited by the AACSB . For these attributes, more and more international students want to study at this university and belong to its community. For this, the Lakehead maintains certain criteria and requirements. Counting likewise; with more than 1,300 international students from more than 67 countries in the student community and the university is in charge; that, each one is included and praised respectively.

Requirements to apply for the LU

Here are some steps that you must follow as an international student to study at Lakehead University:

  • Book a 1-on-1 virtual counseling appointment with recruiting advisors.
  • Explore Lakehead Programs
  • Apply through an authorized Lakehead representative or directly to the University online through the application corresponding to the program you will study.
  • Meet the English language requirements.
  • Submit the required documentation.
  • Take note of important dates and deadlines.
  • Apply for the visa and immigration documents.
  • Arrange room and meal plans.
  • Pay the fees.
  • Sign up for guidance.

You can obtain all these requirements in more detail in the following link apply.

Steps to apply as an international student

  1. Choose the career of your choice , be it a degree, course, diploma or certificate to study.
  2. Fill out the form where you meet all the general requirements of the chosen career.
  3. Qualifications from previous studies must have a minimum of 70% average or equivalent by the Canadian system in general.
  4. Pass the English exam where you must demonstrate command of the English language based on a minimum average of 6.0 / 6.5.

Basically this is the process to be accepted into the Lakehead student community.

If you want to reside in Canada

You will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and what requirements are asked of you, you can enter here .

Tips for Studying at Lakehead University as a foreigner

  1. Learn about the entire admission process and its requirements for compliance during the smooth process.
  2. You can book a private meeting with a recruitment advisor, including international advisors , to clarify all your doubts.
  3. Possessing a command of the English language at a minimum at a basic level, reinforcing it within Lakehead University with its courses and the same stay will facilitate the process as all communication is under this language.
  4. You must have a good average and maintain academic quality; to opt for scholarships for academic excellence , which will help you continue your studies without the costs being a mishap.
  5. Through its main Lakehead University page you can take a virtual tour of its campuses so you can see everything that this university and its beautiful surroundings bring you.
  6. While you prepare to be part of this university you can join seminars and web events , arranged for you in search of obtaining necessary information about campuses, financing your education, residence, enrolling in courses, advice for parents and much more.

What can you study at Lakehead University?

This university has opportunities at the bachelor, graduate, doctoral and course levels; that will allow you to train professionally with the immediate ability to enter the labor field. Likewise, you can train as an expert professional in any of the study areas according to your preference. You will also have the support of teachers who will guide you in the career of your choice to complete it successfully in the stipulated time and equipped and state-of-the-art facilities for complete preparation. Some of the programs that the LU has are:

Bachelor's degrees


  • Visual Arts

Business Administration

  • Business


  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electric engineering

Exact Sciences

  • Mathematics

Health Sciences

  • Psychology

Human Studies

  • English
  • Languages

Social Science

  • Biology
  • Environmental Management

Master's and PhD programs


  • Biology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Education
  • History
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nursing Advanced Practice Specialization
  • Physics
  • Psychology Clinical
  • Public Health


  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Forest Sciences
  • Psychology Psychological Science


  • First year seminars UNIV 1010 (Faculty of Business Administration)
  • Introduction to business management
  • Air Pollution Control Methods and Analysis
  • Oil recovery basics
  • Field experience for native nursing students
  • Relational Nursing Theory I
  • Academic English
  • Business English
  • General English
  • Preparation for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assessment
  • Training in corporate languages
  • Honorary Specialist in History

Study at Lakehead University – What you need to know

Since its inception, this institution has shown great interest in training young leaders , providing them with a unique experience with personalized education focused on the student as a fundamental pillar. Being in turn; A small university, the recognition of each student becomes easier than a university with more than 300 students in classes. In LU an average of approximately 30 students per classroom is estimated.

Also standing out for its high educational quality, being classified as the best Canadian university in bachelor research and allowing its students to carry out research projects in natural laboratories with the advice of expert scientists. At the same time, it takes care that its students have not only educational quality; rather, facilities suitable for your stay and residences equipped with everything you need to strengthen your performance and enrich your experience in your student life.

Can you work while you study?

The answer is yes; Faced with this frequent question that you have as an independent young person when making the decision to start your higher education. If you already have at least an intermediate level of English, you can apply for a work permit in Canada with your study visa. Many of the benefits that you will obtain are: With a technical course or master’s degree you will be able to work 20 hours/week and full time on vacation , you will be able to cover the cost of living by working, some student programs include paid internships, upon completion of the Postgraduate Certificate you will obtain a permit to work equivalent to the duration of the program studied. As long as your work does not interfere with your studies , you will be able to work without any kind of limitations ; At Lakehead University your classes start depending on your study plan between 7:30/8/9am until 3 or 4pm. Being able to work on or off campus after those hours.

Study English at Lakehead University

You must present proof of English language proficiency as a fundamental requirement. Students must score at least a 110 to be accepted into most bachelor programs and a 120 for selected programs such as nursing. However, students who have met all the requirements in their admission process for their respective program, except for the English language requirements, may be admitted to their academic program on the condition of completing the academic English program, courses and more willing by the University. In addition, this program lasts approximately four (4) weeks , twenty (20) hours of English classes in classrooms per week, plus weekly social and cultural activities with a minimum number of twelve (12) participants. Some programs arranged for you; to strengthen your English language are:

  • Academic English / University Preparatory English.
  • Preparation for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assessment.
  • Training in corporate / government languages (English).
  • Programs of activities or summer or winter camps (English).
  • Business English.
  • General English.

It should be noted that all programs, tests, courses, camps, etc. They maintain flexible hours for more information access the English language center.

How to go on an academic exchange to Lakehead University?

The university welcomes one (1) or two (2) semester visiting students from outside Canada and many partner institutions around the world. All this, through:

  • Fee-paying students entering study abroad . Lakehead University welcomes students from around the world to study as visiting students for one or two semesters.
  • Incoming Partner Institutions . Lakehead University has articulation agreements for student exchanges with various institutions around the world.


  • nomination . Your sending institution or exchange coordinator must nominate you to Lakehead University. You must have your local coordinator complete and submit the nomination form.
  • apply . After submitting the nomination form, you will need to submit the completed Incoming Exchange Application Form, if you are an bachelor student. For fee-paying graduate exchange students, you will need to submit the completed Graduate Student Study Abroad Application Form.
  • Submit your Documents . Along with these forms, you will also need to submit two (2) supporting documents, one (1) official copy of your academic records; and a certification letter from your home institution indicating that you are proficient in the English language.

Also, expand this information and access the forms that you must complete and send them to the relevant mail for international students.

Scholarships and grants offered by Lakehead University

Lakehead offers generous scholarship plans with over $11 million in scholarships for students. Always looking for the inclusion of all, without the cost issue being a mishap; These financial aids are presented as: Scholarships, prizes and subsidies. Below we name some of the scholarships available by program:

  • Entrance scholarships . It is available for local and international students. However, the value varies (income for high school students); however, if academic excellence continues, financial aid is still awarded.
  • Scholarship for admission to the Alumni Association . Available to students who have a parent as an alumnus and is also renewable.
  • Presidential Scholarship . The school offers the scholarship for 2 students annually. Students must be citizens, permanent residents or immigrants of Canada, have a 90% average in grade 12 U or M level courses and possess leadership qualities.
  • Transfer Award . You are eligible as a transfer student who will consequently enroll in a full-time bachelor program. Available to any student who demonstrates a need for financial aid.

Also, some of the scholarship programs come from companies and corporate donors. So that; obtain more information about the scholarship and financing plans available at Lakehead University access scholarships.


This university has two (2) campuses located in Thunder Bay and Orillia. They have innovative and cutting-edge facilities that will make you live a unique experience while you reach your academic goal.

Thunder Bay Campus

It's in: 955 Oliver Rd, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 5E1, Canada

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 422 km


  • Located in the center of the city which facilitates transfers to shops, attractions centers, restaurants and more.
  • You will have at your disposal seminar-style classes, conference rooms, state-of-the-art laboratories, etc.
  • It has paved trails that meander throughout the campus, making it a perfect place for recreational activities, such as rollerblading, jogging, etc.
  • Through this campus is one (1) lake plus a river.
  • The residences of this university have security 24 hours a day.

Orillia Campus

It's in: 500 University Ave, Orillia, ON L3V 0B9, Canada

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 861 km


  • It is located near the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the heart of the Ontario Lake Country region.
  • You will be able to live an academic and enjoyable experience with open spaces and coastal parks.
  • You’ll have a unique college experience in the Simcoe hall building, with naturally lit classrooms, bookstores, open cafeterias, and much more.
  • The residence halls of this university campus have a life team 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to provide you with support and effective organization of events.

Facilities and Extra Academic Offer

Although it is a small institution, it has facilities with spacious and modern spaces that will make your academic experience unique and will enrich your leadership in each goal you set for yourself. Its campuses have designs and environmental certification (Leed) , in its student residence you will have at your disposal individual dormitory-style rooms equipped with Wi-Fi, refrigerator, etc. Also living a complete experience with festivals, sports championships, recreation spaces, cafeterias, excursions, environmental laboratories, health areas and much more for your comprehensive preparation.


This university offers you one:

  • educational library . With appropriate spaces for comfort when studying, you will be able to acquire physical and digital collection services.
  • Bookstore (Harvie Legacy Library) . So that you can acquire the necessary texts for your courses, careers, among others.
  • Chancellor Paterson Library . You can place orders through your identification card, for articles from your different study areas within business hours.

Likewise, you can place orders at the bookstore online by purchasing your required texts or request them to be picked up later on campus.


This university has laboratories equipped with everything you need to develop in your area of study; with the best preparation and with natural laboratories, perfect for your environmental and science studies. Some Lakehead Labs are:

  • Computer labs . With constantly updated available computing and storage resources.
  • High Performance Computing Center (LUHPCC). It provides you with visualization tools, software, innovation in all academic fields of study etc.
  • Natural Laboratories . You will be able to participate in your research projects even working with the support of leading scientists.
  • DNA Laboratories . It is one of the oldest and most important in the world; gives you the opportunity to learn in world-class facilities with some of the best researchers and faculty members in the world.

Being able to become a great scientist thanks to your preparation, in these laboratories that have sophisticated and cutting-edge equipment, with great science programs.

Sports facilities

LU has sports spaces , for the practice of different sports, allowing you as a student to develop all your sports talents and participate in different tournaments, being recognized and honored. Some sports arranged in the sports facilities of the Lakehead University are:

  • Basketball.
  • Golf.
  • Athletics.
  • Volleyball.
  • Wrestling.
  • Indoor soccer.
  • Hockey.

Cafes and other recreation centers

All residents of this university have a plan that includes all meals in the residence cafeteria with limited access during business hours; at the same time, you will have available a card with a declining balance of $651 USD . That is, this card complies as a debit card; to be used in cafeterias set up on campus where food service is provided. Some food establishments arranged on campus are:

  • Main coffee maker . Patio style, where meals such as hamburgers, pizza, soups, etc. are served.
  • Subway . Snacks, sandwich, soups.
  • Residence cafeteria . Homemade and nutritious free food, snacks, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, Asian meals and much more according to your preference.
  • The study . Great variety of cold and hot drinks, planned products, etc.

Lakehead University offers you, in addition to a quality academic education, the opportunity to participate in clubs, sports, recreational activities, and volunteer work that will allow you to develop your leadership spirit. Being able in turn to hold festivals, events, organized by the students themselves with the support of the institution. Likewise, you will have at your disposal excursions among other activities that will allow you to meet students from all over the world and get to know the city. Also, being a small student body will play a more important role and it will be easier for everyone to call each other by name and consider themselves a family, in this small and at the same time great student community . If you are interested in being part of this university and continue to grow professionally in your area of study, with expert teachers and the warmth of being part of this university, you can fill out the form provided on our site , where you will at the same time have advice to take this important decision in your future.

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