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The National University of Ireland, known as Maynooth University, was founded in 1997, it is of Catholic origin; it was the newest university in Ireland until the Dublin University of Technology opened in 2019. It is the only university city in Ireland, all others are within cities in this country. If you want to study at Maynooth University, you have to know that it has a South Campus , which is the oldest.

Its structure dates from the 19th century and the North Campus has modern structures . It has more than 13,000 enrolled students and more than 900 employees of different nationalities . Maynooth University is the smallest university in Ireland , but is ranked as one of the best universities in this European country.

In fact, it is in the top number 50 among the 500 best universities worldwide, and it is among the 200 in Europe. Studying at Maynooth University will offer you endless options for you to study as it covers many topics such as science, business, electronic engineering, social sciences, humanities, law and education.

In addition to this, students have the possibility of belonging to different groups and international programs of the university. Annually, the University of Maynooth competes for awards from the university corporations at the national level, which are organized by the Board of University Societies of Ireland , where this fantastic university has won many prizes and awards, among them we can mention:

  • Two winners of the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • In 2015 Best Society.
  • Best New Company in 2013.
  • Best individual of the society in 2009.

Consider studying at Maynooth University if

  • You want to have demanding teachers , of a good reputation and wide recognition in their teachings.
  • You are interested in degree programs with a lot of innovation.
  • You want to study in top quality facilities .
  • You would like to opt for bachelor programs in various disciplines, such as humanities, sciences, engineering among many programs with advanced technological resources.

How much does it cost per course?

Admission Costs

€30 EUR


€14,995 EUR

Residence room

€3,164 USD - $6,779 EUR

Food Costs

€1,477 EUR

Transport pass

€300 EUR

Other college payments

€1,500 EUR

Studying here can cost you:

€21,466 - 25,081 EUR

The cost for the annual registration to study Bachelors is €14,995 EUR ; The annual cost to study a postgraduate degree is €16,148 EUR. In this same order of ideas, the usual monthly price of living , such as food, transportation, clothing, educational materials, can vary between €860 to 1,477 EUR.

The price of the English course is €14,995 EUR . If you want to stay you have to know that there are 4 residences available, which are located on the north campus and these are: Rye Hall, Village, River and the Courtyard apartment complex.

Accommodations at River are Irish-language, campus will cost you €3,164 annually for a room with a bunk bed and €6,779 for a room with a private bathroom. In general, the costs are similar to other universities in this Irish country. All other residences have apartments that have a fully equipped kitchen including microwave, oven, fridge and kettle.

If you want more information you can request it at the following link .

How to study at Maynooth University? What do you need?

Students who want to study at Maynooth University can apply as foreign students for one semester or one academic year . If you want more information, click on the following link . If you want to be an exchange student, you have to be chosen for Maynooth University by the Coordinator or Advisor of the school where you study. But if your school does not have a partnership with Maynooth University, you can apply to any study abroad provider Maynooth University works with. To make the application you must do so before May 31 for a full academic year.

The documents that will be requested are the following:

  • Transcription of notes.
  • Passport photo page scan.
  • Two academic references.
  • English language test score (if English is not the first language).

The English language requirements are:

  • IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0).
  • Paper-based TOEFL (560) or TOEFL IBT (92) (TOEFL ITP is not accepted).

At the University of Maynooth, there is an International Coordination in each Department, so that you can make your inquiries and in case you require more academic details about the courses, you can get more information at the following link . The acceptance email will be sent to the email address you enter in the form and you will receive the acceptance response 4 weeks after you make the request.

Requirements to study at Maynooth University as a foreign student

Before applying to Maynooth University you should know the following:

  • All applications are considered for the fall and spring semesters.
  • Online applications for the following semester will be available to you on November 1 of the previous year.
  • As Maynooth University is one of the highly popular universities, the academic requirements are high.
  • The Irish language is not necessary.
  • International applicants must be proficient in the English language.
  • The University accepts IELTS/TOEFL/PTE scores.
  • You have the option of including programs in an application.
  • The university facilitates financial aid i.e. grants, scholarships and loans.

You must apply online through the PAC, pay a fee of €36 USD to study the bachelor degree and €60 USD to study a postgraduate course , which must be paid by Visa, Laser credit card and the TOEFL 92 test. or 95, IELTS 6.5, PTE 59 or 62 for international students. The requirements for international students when they apply are:

  • High school level certificates or transcripts.
  • Any third level academic record (university) certified notes.
  • Each of the documents that have not been issued in English must be presented with a certified translation.
  • English language proficiency test.
  • Country-specific entry requirements, any information can be found at the following link.

International students who want to study a program of more than 3 months have to apply for a visa to study in Ireland , which you can do online, you must also pay a fee. The documents you need and must upload with the application are:

  • Two-color passport size photographs that are no more than 6 months old.
  • Current passport and full copy of all previous passports.
  • A signed application letter including your full contact details, stating your reason for traveling to Ireland, a letter of acceptance from the university, bank statements proving your ability to pay for the course you selected, have private health insurance.

The requirements that you must present at the time of admission to the University of Maynooth, for bachelor programs will be presented at the Central Application Office (CAO), you must pay a fee of €36 USD :

  • Transcripts or certificates of secondary education.
  • English language test score (if English is not your first language).
  • Copy of passport.
  • Maynooth University Graduate Admissions.

How to apply for Maynooth University?

Once the application is received, the department in charge will evaluate it to provide the applicant with a decision, which will take a period of four weeks and the applicant will receive any of the following notifications:

  1. Firm offer of a place in a course.
  2. Conditional offer (depending on specific course requirements, eg: language proficiency , pending transcripts).
  3. Invitation to an interview.
  4. Failed request.
  5. Included in a reserve list.

After the Department makes an application decision, any of the above, the PAC will notify you by email that the status of your application has changed. That is why you must be aware of the readjustment when it is communicated to you.

When the applicant is placed on the reserve list, they will be notified of the final decision within two weeks of the deadline. If in the course of the four weeks the applicant does not receive any notification, they should contact [email protected] as soon as possible.

To accept an enrollment request, the student must have correctly accepted the offer and pay a deposit of €238 EUR. Then you will receive a notification from the Office of Student Records and the Office of Fees, all the requirements, registration date and all the corresponding information about the fees.

If you want to study in Ireland

you will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and the requirements needed, click here.

Tips for Studying at Maynooth University

  1. Improve your GPA in high school . Keep in mind that it is a very demanding university with regard to admissions given its great recognition. Therefore, there is a lot of competition, so make sure you get excellent grades in the previous academic stage.
  2. Bet on having other types of university experiences in your country of origin . You can take diplomas, workshops, courses or other types of short studies at universities. This will help you improve your Curriculum Vitae and have more strengths in your favor when being considered by the institution’s selectors.
  3. Acquire extracurricular skills . We have already said that the competition is strong. So the more resources you have at your disposal, the more likely you are to be considered. In this sense, you can seek to develop skills that go beyond academics, which can be a sample of how much you could contribute to the university.
  4. Put together a good cover letter . The more characteristic and true to your style your way of writing is, the more authenticity will be reflected in it. Be sure to include your motivations, tastes, interests and origins, as well as the learning expectations you hope to find if you are accepted.

What can you study at Maynooth University?

In this university you can study a wide variety of careers for bachelor programms, master’s, PhD and courses.

Bachelor's degrees


  • Mobile and web development


  • Electronic Engineering
  • Robotics and Intelligent Devices

Exact Sciences

  • International Economy and Finance
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Biological and Geographical Sciences
  • Biological and Geographical Sciences
  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • BSC Quantitative Finance
  • Business
  • Business and Accounting
  • Business and Management
  • Community Studies
  • Computational Thinking
  • Experimental Physics
  • Finances
  • International Business
  • Law and Accounting
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Mathematics with Education
  • Physics with Astrophysics
  • Science Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  • Software Engineering
  • Theoretical and Math Physics mathematics

Human Studies

  • Education
  • Teaching and Learning

Social Science

  • Early Childhood Teaching and Learning
  • Elementary Teaching
  • Geography
  • Law
  • Law and Business
  • Linguistics
  • Marketing
  • Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Chemistry
  • Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Master's and PhD programs


  • Accounting
  • Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Thought
  • Anthropology and Development
  • Applied Linguistics and Intercultural Studies
  • Applied Linguistics and Intercultural Studies
  • Business Management
  • Community and Youth Work
  • Economic and Financial Risk Analysis
  • Economics
  • Engineering in Digital and Medical Technologies
  • English
  • English
  • European History
  • French
  • Full-time Master of Immunology and Global Health
  • Global Legal Studies
  • Hi story Irish
  • Higher Diploma in English
  • Higher Diploma in Legal Studies
  • Immunology
  • International Development
  • International Master's Degree in Adult Education for Social Change
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Marketing Strategic
  • Master of Computer Science
  • Master's Marketing
  • Master's of Social Sciences
  • Medicine. in Adult and Community Education
  • Migration Cultures
  • MSc Business Analysis
  • MSc Finance
  • MSc Finance and Regulation
  • MSc International Business
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Social Sciences


  • Graduate Diploma in Adult Guidance Counseling
  • Higher Diploma in Higher Education
  • Higher Diploma in Science
  • Higher Diploma in Social Policy
  • Higher Diploma of Professional Accounting


  • Higher Diploma of Arts
  • Medicine. School Guidance Advice


  • Bachelor of Music
  • BA in International Economics and Finance
  • BA Studies Mean
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences

Study at Maynooth University – What you need to know

This university is student-centered, making sure that students acquire skills that will lead to success in the field in which they will work . Its main mission is to train students and that after graduation they are highly employable, their education is innovative, teaching them to have reflective, critical, analytical and very creative thinking, in this way they will effectively support society.

Maynooth University is one of the globally recognized universities. Offering a variety of studies where students can benefit from international programs, it also supports eight research institutes on campus and has spawned two Nobel Peace Prize winners. It has two campuses with top quality facilities .

Can you work while studying?

This is an extremely demanding university, so it will be very difficult and complicated for you to alternate study with work, so it is recommended that you only dedicate yourself to studies. Also with the student visa you will not be allowed to work.

Leatn English at Maynooth University

Maynooth University English dates back to the 19th century and is a powerful supportive learning environment for developmental research in English, Irish and world literature. Several internationally renowned academics and professors work in it, with different backgrounds such as:

  • American literature.
  • Creative writing.
  • 18th century literature.
  • Film Studies.
  • Gender study.
  • Irish literature.
  • Literary theory.
  • Modernism.
  • Migrant writing.
  • Postcolonial literature, world literature and critical racist literature.
  • A study of the Renaissance and Early Modern, especially the Irish/Gaelic context.
  • Shakespeare study.

The language school also offers bachelor and postgraduate studies in the areas of Chinese Studies, French Studies, German Studies, Spanish Studies, and Latin American Studies, facilitating the student a multicultural learning.

Linguistic and intercultural competence opens up innovative and highly valued study and work paths in an increasingly globalized world.

How to go on an academic exchange to Maynooth University?

The university opens its doors to students belonging to institutions with which it has an agreement . There are a wide variety of courses available . The duration of the exchange program can last from one semester to a whole year.

In the case that you do not study at an associated education center, MU has study abroad providers that you can contact to apply to the program. Otherwise, you have to go directly to the office in charge of international affairs at your home university.


  • Passport. Scan of the page on which the photograph appears.
  • Transcript of the academic record.
  • Two academic references in case the GPA is less than 3.0.
  • Certificate of English with a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS.

In the case of being accepted, you will receive an email four weeks after applying.

Scholarships and Grants offered by this university

  • MU Sport Scholarships This is a sports scholarship, awarded by Maynooth University to outstanding students in the following sport:
    • Soccer.
    • Rugby.
    • Billiards.
    • The Gaelic Athletic Association Scholarship.
    • Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarships.
    • Card athletes.
    • Another sports.
  • MU Entrance Scholarship, This scholarship is awarded when you enter the new university period, that is, first-year entrants for an amount of €1,899 EUR, who have obtained 550 points or more in the Leaving Certificate, it is processed at the CAO
  • The Ernest Walton STEM Scholarship , available to 8 students from DEIS schools. Each candidate must submit a completed application form and attach evidence from the CAO that they have applied for a STEM course as their first choice.
  • Entrance scholarship for a music degree, awarded in September to a participant with the best score, through an online video audition, in the amount of €1,899 EUR.
  • Music Scholarship | Sophomore students, the Director of the Department of Music at Maynooth University awards one music student annually, for their outstanding studies.
  • The Intel Women in Technology Scholarship, for women just entering tertiary education.
  • Google Women Techmakers Scholarship Award, creating gender equality in the technology industry by encouraging women to excel as active participants and leaders in the field.
  • Naughton Scholarships for STEM participants to promote the study of engineering, science and technology at third level by students in Ireland.
  • MU Scholarship for Students with Disabilities. The scholarship is open for bachelor students with a significant disability who are experiencing financial hardship, in the amount of €2,378 EUR.
  • Scholarships for Adult Students, are intended to remove financial barriers so that adult students can unlock their potential and realize their ambitions.
  • The NCBI Gerard Byrne Scholarship Fund, consists of two annual scholarships for two bachelor students with confirmed visual impairment or blindness, studying full-time at a recognized educational institution in the Republic of Ireland. Maynooth University is an eligible institution recognized for this scholarship.
  • Credit Union Scholarship, for members attending or beginning a full-time third-level course.
  • Dublin Port Company Scholarship, provides opportunities for people living in the Dublin Port area to fulfill their potential through education.
  • St. Vincent de Paul Education and Training Scholarship Fund, to support students of all ages who may have financial difficulty accessing or remaining in tertiary education and training programs.
  • The Denham Scholarship, for participants from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • The Denham Fellowship , annually assists two aspiring lawyers who come from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Headquarters and Campus

The University of Maynooth Campus is divided into North Campus and South Campus, also highly recognized by all staff and students as the “old” and “new” campuses. These campuses are connected via a pedestrian walkway on Kilcock Road.

On the South Campus are the facilities of St. Patrick’s College, and the vast majority of the administrative offices shared between the college and the university. There are also the academic departments of Law, Mathematics, Music, Geography, Economics and History.

South Campus

It's in: Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Universitary residence: No

Distance to the City Center: 6,000m2


  • The Main Hall.
  • The House of Saint Patrick.
  • The University Chapel.
  • The John Paul II Library.
  • National Science Museum.
  • The Russell Library.

North Campus

It's in: Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Universitary residence: Yes


  • The Student Union building.
  • The Sports Complex.
  • The Biosciences and Engineering building.
  • The Callan Sciences building.
  • Play fields.
  • The Iontas Building.
  • The Arts building.
  • Sports Complex.
  • The Science building.
  • The John Hume Building.
  • 4 residences for student accommodation.
  • The Eolas building houses the Computer Science department, the Business Incubation Center, the Innovation Value Institute, as well as the Hamilton and Callan Institutes.
  • The Hamilton Institute and the Institute of Immunology.
  • The Institute of Microelectronics and Wireless Systems.

Facilities and Extra Academic Offer

  • Musical Technology Laboratory.
  • Recording studio and electronic music.
  • Computer lab.
  • Mastering suite.
  • Performance spaces and conferences.
  • Study team.
  • Practice facilities.

Library and digital classrooms

Due to recent restrictions, the Maynooth University Library adjusts the online access service for all staff and all Postgraduate (Research and Teaching) students.

Sports facilities

  • Sports halls: aerobic dance, martial arts and fitness.
  • Gym.
  • Weight room.
  • Physiotherapy room.
  • Racquetball/handball court.
  • Pool hall.
  • Tennis courts.

Cafes and other recreation centers

There are a total of 6 cafes and restaurants on the Maynooth University campus.

  • POP (arts building).
  • Urban Square (Phoenix Building).
  • Coco Diablo (John Hume Building).
  • Student Union Bar.
  • Pugin Hall.
  • Starbucks (John Paul II Library).

If you want to study at this fantastic university, do not hesitate to apply, at Go-Study-In we have expert advisors who can guide you in your process, making your way easier.

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