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University of Galway

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Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Courses, Local Language

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English, French, Italian, Spanish, German

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1,000 to 3,000 USD

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The University of Galway is public university and one of the most renowned universities in Ireland. It is a university recognized worldwide for its educational excellence and the global impact of its research results.

The University of Galway was founded in 1845, and quickly became part of the Queen’s University of Ireland. This university is very modern and open to receiving students from all continents, thanks to its exchange program . Its motto is “Deo Favente” which means “With the favor of God” in Latin. Some of the most important achievements of the university are:

  • It is located in the city that has been dubbed the “most charming” by the New York Times.
  • It is one of the top 300 universities in the world.
  • He has won the inaugural Times title three times.

Consider studying at the University of Galway if

  • You are interested in going to another country as an exchange student.
  • You want to study at one of the best universities in the world.
  • You would like to get a job immediately upon graduation.
  • You want to know the culture of one of the cities most recognized for its diversity.

How much does it cost per course?

Admission Costs

€42 EUR


€14,500 EUR

Residence room

€4,500 EUR

Food Costs

€2,000 EUR

Transport pass

€1,100 EUR

Other college payments

€1,000 EUR

Studying here can cost you:

Adding all the expenses, studying here can cost you approximately €90,000 EUR.

The University of Galway is one of the best universities in Europe, and also in the world, therefore it is not easy to study there. However, both the university and the country are quite open to receiving foreigners without any problem, much more than other institutions.

Tuition costs per year vary depending on the career you want to study, it also depends on whether you are a foreign student or if you live in the country. Costs per year generally range from €6,950 to 59,940 EUR, including all applicable per-student fees. If you want more detailed information about each degree and its cost per year for national and foreign students, you can do so here .

But it is not only the tuition that must be taken into account, it is also necessary to consider other additional expenses. Both residence, food, transportation, clothing, and all other needs that require or mean an expense, have to be considered in the budget to be able to study a degree at the University of Galway.

A student residence ranges from approximately €537 to 836 EUR per month , depending on the area, and whether it is a shared or individual room. In addition, you have to add about €60 per month in expenses for basic services such as internet, gas, electricity and water.

In addition to this, you also have to take into account food expenses that are around €180 per month, and other additional expenses such as transportation, which add up to about $100 per month. Adding up all these costs, studying a full degree for 4 years could easily cost €90,000.

How to study at the University of Galway? What do you need?

The University of Galway offers the opportunity for all students, whether foreign or not, to study bachelor and postgraduate degrees if they wish. Without distinction of origin, race, or language, however they demand some minimum requirements depending on the place of origin.

The University of Galway has an exchange program available for both students and teaching staff, which allows students and professors from foreign universities that have an agreement with the University of Galway to come to study or work for a year.

Requirements to study at the University of Galway as a foreign student

To study at this university it is necessary to meet certain requirements, however these will depend on whether you are going to pursue bachelor or postgraduate studies, and the country where you come from . The academic requirements to be accepted can be found specified by country here .

It is important to know that to study in this country as a foreigner, you must have a visa, in case you come from a country that does not belong to the European Union. You can apply for the study visa online here . Remember to first verify that you meet all the necessary requirements.

How to apply for the University Of Galway?

The process to be accepted at the University of Galway is simple, as long as you make sure you have all the information about the terms and periods of time, as well as the requirements requested. To enter the University of Galway it is necessary to complete the following steps:

  1. Submit the application: The first thing to do is to apply online through the official website.
  2. Upload the documents: You must have all the requested documents available to upload them when necessary.
  3. Closing date: Verify that you have completed the application before the closing date arrives.
  4. Fee: For submitting an application from a country outside the European Union, a fee of €42 is charged.

If you want to study in Ireland

you will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and the requirements needed, click here.

What can you study at the University of Galway?

The University of Galway offers its students multiple options in terms of studies. You can take bachelor programs, master’s, part-time and evening courses, and online courses. This university adapts to the different needs of its students, seeking to make learning more comfortable for them.

Bachelor's degrees


  • Arts (Children's Studies)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Children, Youth, and Family: Politics and Practice)
  • Bachelor of Arts with Studies in Performing Arts
  • Digital Arts and Technology
  • Drama, Theater, and Performance Studies
  • English and Creative Writing
  • Film and Digital Media
  • Letters
  • Music
  • Overview of the Arts (Children and Youth Studies)

Business Administration

  • Business Information Systems
  • Business with Accounting
  • Business with French
  • Business with Gaeilge
  • Business with Spanish
  • Commerce
  • International Hospitality Management


  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Electronic and Computer Engineering
  • Ingeniería de Sistemas Energéticos
  • Mechanical Engineering

Exact Sciences

  • Biopharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Computer Sciences and Information Technology
  • Genetics and Genomics
  • Mathematical Sciences yes
  • Physics, Astrophysics, Biomedical, Theoretical

Health Sciences

  • Ciencias de la Enfermería
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Midwifery Sciences
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Podiatric Medicine
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Surgery and Obstetrics

Human Studies

  • History
  • Law
  • Law and Business
  • Law and Taxation
  • Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Mathematics and Education

Social Science

  • Bachelor of Science in Geography and Geosystems
  • Government (Politics, Economics and Law)
  • Journalism
  • Psychology

Master's and PhD programs


  • engineering Electronics and Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Adolescent Health
  • Analysis of Applied Behavior
  • Astronomical Instrumentation and Technology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Business Analysis
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Chemistry and Toxicology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Computer Science — Artificial Intelligence
  • Corporate Finance
  • Diabetes (Nursing)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Energy Systems Engineering
  • Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation
  • International and Comparative Business Law
  • Language Skills Advanced
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Practice and Research Advances gives in Health


  • Archaeology
  • Business Information Systems
  • Business Studies
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Software Engineering


  • Business (Foundation)
  • Business Studies
  • Business Studies Online
  • Change Management
  • Critical Business Skills
  • Negocios / Comercio
  • Software Engineering
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Health Promotion -Oral Health
  • Health Promotion-Cardiovascular Health
  • Medical Care and Patient Safety Simulation
  • Mental Health Promotion
  • Archaeology
  • Archaeology of Ancient Ireland
  • Archaeology of the Wild Atlantic Way
  • German
  • Italian online
  • Spanish
  • Studies and Practice Education
  • Counseling Psychology
  • English and Drama
  • Humanities/Social Sciences

Study at the University of Galway – What you need to know

Studying at the University of Galway is a unique opportunity that, if accepted, you should not miss out on. At this university you have the opportunity to study on an exchange at one of the other universities with which it has an agreement.

They also have internship programs and professional practices depending on the career you choose . This makes it easier for you to find a job immediately after graduation. The university is recognized because its percentage of students graduating and getting a job in a few months is quite high.

Can you work while studying?

For many students, especially for foreigners, it is important to have a constant source of income, since financially, it is sometimes difficult to study in a different country, for this reason there are some institutions that offer the opportunity for their students to study and work.

Currently the university does not have any programs that allow students to work on campus while studying, however they do have study programs that make it easy for students to have a part-time job and organize their time.

Learn English at the University of Galway

The University of Galway offers the opportunity to study English through a summer course that lasts two months. This course is aimed at improving English skills, both in conversation and in writing, which gives foreign students the chance to improve their communication and fluency.

The course is available to all those students over the age of 18 who wish to take it. It costs €60 EUR for registration, and €60 EUR for course books and materials . Upon enrolling, the student must take an exam to assess their level of English and place them in the ideal group.

The University of Galway also offers a fully online Diploma in Italian, with a workload of 6 hours per week. It costs €1,175 EUR and is aimed at anyone who wants to learn the language, whether they are a beginner or not.

Scholarships and Grants offered by the University of Galway

The University of Galway offers its students the possibility of receiving scholarships for student merit, and also offers aid to low-income students. Some of these scholarships are:

  • Excellence Scholarship: This is offered to students with great academic performance who are awarded $1,780 and the invitation to be part of a high performance development program.
  • Optum Ireland: It is awarded to low-income students, with the intention of helping them finance their studies.
  • Pauline & Bonnie Jones Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded annually to top-performing secondary school students applying for bachelor degree at NUI Galway.
  • Terence O’Malley DLA Piper: This scholarship is aimed at first-year students of one of the NUI Galway Faculty of Law courses.

If you want more information about the different scholarships offered by this university, you can enter here .


The University of Galway is made up of a single large campus that brings together all its faculties and spaces belonging to the university.

University of Galway Campus

It's in: University Road Galway H91 TK33

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 700m


  • Corrib Village and Gold Crest Village student residences.
  • Schools and Colleges of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies, Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Business, Public Policy and Law, and Science and Engineering.
  • museums.
  • Libraries.
  • Art Gallery.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Pharmacy.

Facilities and Extra Academic Offer

The University of Galway offers its students the opportunity to have much more than just academic training, since they can join more than 110 student societies and find common interests with other students.

In addition , there are also sports teams for soccer, hockey, athletics, basketball, fencing, golf, karate, mountaineering, volleyball, and many more .

You can also join the art club if you are interested in theatre, dance or music. You also have the opportunity to work as a volunteer. There are thousands of extra-curricular activity options available to all University of Galway students.

Libraries and digital classrooms

  • James Hardiman Library.
  • Medical Library.
  • University Library.

Sports facilities

  • University sports center.
  • Cardiovascular Gym.
  • Running tracks.
  • Flat water for paddling.
  • Saunas.

Cafes and other recreation centers

  • Pharmacy.
  • Stationery and press kiosks.
  • Cafes and restaurants.

If when you know all the benefits that this university offers you, you want to apply to be part of it, you can go to the experts that make up the EstudiarEn team, they will help you and guide you step by step to make the process much easier.

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