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Aalborg University is known worldwide, for the fight to preserve local culture, for offering programs that revolve around the reality of Denmark. He has more than 30 years of distinguished teaching and research. Despite being an institution with a short history, it reaches a number of 21,000 students , of which 15% correspond to international students. Thus achieving international recognition. The teaching approach provided by this university focuses on problems and projects focused on areas of social need. New knowledge is the goal of that institution to improve the world. Throughout the academic training provided by the institution, it emits a professional legacy that is demonstrated through the following graduates:

  • Frank Aaen . Revolutionary economist in Denmark, and his ideals motivated him to be part of the Red-Green Alliance.
  • Gunhild Moltese Agger . Passionate history teacher specializing in Danish media.
  • Erik Bach . Brilliant music composer, known for sharing his talents in Denmark.

Consider studying at Aalborg University if

  • You like teaching based on problem-solving methods, through projects that require high academic performance.
  • You want a demanding educational preparation, to take advantage of the opportunities that reside in the labor market.
  • You are interested in having the opportunity to participate in projects sponsored by the university itself, as well as by government entities.

How much does it cost per course?

Admission Costs

$120 USD


$7,500 USD

Residence room

$1,500 USD

Food Costs

$80 USD

Transport pass

$90 USD

Other college payments

$200 USD

Studying here can cost you:

The cost of studying at this university is around $1,800 USD per month.

The offer of bachelor’s programs is estimated at a cost of $15,000 USD per year , and for the master’s degree options it comprises a value of $13,000 USD per year . This represents an affordable price compared to other universities in Europe. The university fees are due to the fact that it is a public institution, and receives government funding, as well as private companies. Its costs make it an ideal institution to ensure your professional future. The institution has registration costs estimated at $ 120 USD , this charge only applies to those who are not citizens of the European community. This payment is only exempt for exchange students regardless of their nationality.

How to study at Aalborg University as a foreigner? What do you need?

All foreign students find at Aalborg University the functions of the International Personnel Unit (DAA) . Through this section of the university website you can find a complete guide to successfully complete the registration. Planning to move to Denmark is supported through this academic body, which guarantees compliance with international policies . This causes the registration process to go further and include the application in the civil registry. To study in Denmark as a foreign student, you need to fully dedicate yourself to the issue of health insurance, accommodation and citizenship. Without leaving aside the command of the local language to have access to a whole set of programs. By uniquely mastering the English language, you can be accepted, but you find yourself with the limitation of only taking the programs in English. The more you can focus on mastering more foreign languages, the easier it will be to adapt to this environment.

Requirements to study at the Aalborg University as a foreign student

The requirements imposed by Aalborg University are demanding, especially to qualify previous academic preparation, compared to international standards. On the other hand, you must keep the identification documents in mind. Check the following requirements so that you can issue an application for admission :

  • Take the qualifying exam . It is based on a certification of knowledge, compared on the basis of the international baccalaureate.
  • Academic certificates . This corresponds to the title of approval of studies and the qualifications, they must be in original and translated into English.
  • Proficiency in the Danish language . The level depends on the type of program, but in general terms you must have a B1 level under the IELTS measure.
  • Submission of requirements on time . Through the website, you can find out the admission dates, that way you can apply on time.
  • Health insurance coverage . It is a basic requirement imposed by government measures in Denmark.
  • Passport copy . This includes frontal photos and a letter explaining your reasons for entering.

To be accepted, you must have another series of requirements, the main one is the visa and the CPR number , it is an identification before the civil registry. You must also qualify by means of a practical exam according to the selected program.

How to apply for the Aalborg University?

The first thing you need to know about Aalborg University is that you need to be patient and prepare as well as possible to apply until you are successful. The process to follow so that you can formalize your registration is as follows:

  1. Apply for admission . You must enter the portal of the institution to apply through the International Personal Unit.
  2. Log in to the KOT . It is called the Coordinated Enrollment System, through this section you can choose up to 8 program options.
  3. Attach the requirements . You must load into the system online, everything related to academic aspects such as title, qualifications and language proficiency.
  4. Fill in the verification form . This process focuses more on personal skills, you must provide the copy of the passport and a resume. Then you will be able to make the admission payment, to print it and sign it until it is sent to [email protected] .
  5. Notification of acceptance . By email, you will receive the final result of your request.

If you want to reside in Denmark

you will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and what requirements are required, you can enter here

Tips for studying at Aalborg University

To make the possibility of studying at Aalborg University a reality, you can take into account the following recommendations to guarantee your admission:

  • Find out about local insurance . Health care is a requirement for the displacement of international students. That way your arrival will not represent so many complications.
  • Strive for proficiency in English and Danish . It is essential that you can communicate fluently. This allows you to be part of a greater number of programs, without being limited by linguistic aspects.
  • Organize your finances . It is essential to recognize that Denmark maintains a first world quality of life, but it is also one of the most expensive in the world.
  • Participate in complementary studies . It never hurts to expand your knowledge, to the point of equating your skills towards internationalization.

What can you study at Aalborg University?

At Aalborg University you can choose the program you want to study, through its 5 faculties , of which Economics, Commerce and Business Management stand out. On the other hand the university provides doctoral studies. The educational model of this institution extends to an offer for part-time adults, being eligible upon completion of the university degree. Through academic exchange programs you also have a wide range of options.

Study at Aalborg University – What you need to know

Studies at Aalborg University have unconditional coverage and guidance, since during the first days you receive the assignment of a guide . At the beginning of the studies, the institution opens courses in Danish totally free for international students. The arrival at the university is matched with a follow-up process , you just have to complete the form of the Buddy network that provides you with a guide. You must take into account that the level of innovation in the research areas is very high. A high-level standard about this institution is sustainability as a guarantee on all the programs they offer. This causes student life to be sustained through cooperation, this is the daily life of each concern or faculty. Worldwide, engineering programs are acclaimed, using its problem-solving model. This kind of teaching has received recognition around the world and is a challenge for any student.

Can you work while studying?

A positive fact of studying in Denmark is that all foreign students have labor rights, this makes it an ideal opportunity. There is no doubt that it is an environment that offers important connections in the labor sector. For the possibility of working to be a reality, you need to have a work permit , in addition to the student visa . To obtain the work permit you must be enrolled in a course that is longer than 14 weeks. The development of a job position is limited after a maximum development of 20 hours a week , because the priority is to take care of academic performance. This process is carried out through the Embassy and the petition is exercised 60 and up to 90 days prior .

Study Danish at Aalborg University

The linguistic offer is another of the benefits of Aalborg University, since it maintains a series of basic courses within its academic offer. Language proficiency is a prerequisite for studying and understanding the programs.

  • Training in Danish as a foreign language . Through the network of friends, Aalborg University provides free basic Danish courses. The institution does not dedicate a special program but does provide advice to reach level A1 as a native language.

How to go on an academic exchange to Aalborg University?

Amid Aalborg University’s offer of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, you can be part of an exchange and invitation alternative. To take advantage of this window or study opportunity, you must start the process at the university of origin.


  • Exchange application at the home university.
  • Certificates and academic records. They must be legally translated into English.
  • Proficiency in the local language or English.
  • Copy of passport, ID and a frontal photo.
  • Signing of the apprenticeship contract. In this way, the credits taken at the home university and the destination university are kept homologated.

Scholarships and Grants offered by Aalborg University

The study opportunity at Aalborg University is driven by financial support , on top of low tuition costs. However, it sponsors facilities for the mobilization of international students.

  • AAU Internationalization Fund . It is based on the administration of donated funds, to increase the practice of research abroad. All active students in a study area can participate in this option.
  • Financing short-term trips abroad . It is a financial opportunity to apply the teaching of problem solving. Each applicant must submit their project together with a group and request a budget.
  • Other kind of financial aid . Foreign and national students can issue a request towards a grant or private funds. As long as they are to cover academic expenses or are specific to some investigation.


The specialized areas of Aalborg University have been modernized over time, it is a response to the type of program that is developed in this institution. In this way it complies with the effective training of authentic professionals. The teaching level of this university has been recognized by UNESCO , for this reason it expanded its main headquarters to have two additional locations . Each one has facilities suitable for high-level academic development.

Campus Aalborg

It's in: Fredik Bajers Vej 7K, 9220 Aalborg Ost, Denmark

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 26 km


  • It is considered as the main headquarters of this university.
  • Its facilities have capacities of up to 20,000 students .
  • Around the main buildings, it has huge structures, these are surrounded by a lake and recreation areas.
  • The academic load is fully developed through this facility.

Campus Esbjerg

It's in: Niels Bohrs Vej 8, 6700 Esbjerg, Denmark

Universitary residence: No

Distance to the City Center: 32 km


  • It has facilities suitable for up to 450 students.
  • Cooperate with foray into modern research with technological facilities.
  • It has large areas for food and recreation.
  • It offers master’s degrees in energy technology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, risk and safety management, and applied electronics.

Copenhagen Campus

It's in: AC Meyers Vaenge 15, 2450 Kobenhavn, Denmark

Universitary residence: No

Distance to the City Center: 28 km


  • Its buildings are designed to house up to 3,500 students.
  • It maintains a much more international focus, to carry out research with an impact abroad.
  • It provides facilities dedicated to the realization of projects.
  • It is one of the last campuses, it barely has 5 years of experience.
  • Some companies like Nokia have established their headquarters within this campus.

Facilities and Extra Academic Offer

All areas of Aalborg University are equipped with specialized facilities , each corner is a learning opportunity itself. But they maintain a style of constant renewal due to the interest in carrying out projects. Professional development is a guarantee, through the complementary services that the university has, where restaurants stand out. But in turn, the technological design to carry out research is a great support.

Library and digital classrooms

The university generates open access to national and international volumes, conforming the following offerings:

  • Digital research media.
  • Research areas concentrated in large libraries.


  • Research centers for nanotechnology, medicine and other sciences of interest.

Sports facilities

  • Parks of great expansion to carry out walks.
  • The practice of sports is purely recreational.

Cafes and other recreation centers

  • Canteens or restaurants for food.
  • Faculties or student centers that organize summer activities.

If you want to take advantage of the academic offer of Aalborg University , do not hesitate to make it happen. Through the expert support of GO-Study-In you can obtain more information.

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