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Aarhus University

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Partial Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, Courses, Local Language

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English, Danish

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When the passion flares for the pursuit of modern studies , there is no doubt that you need to know what Aarhus University has to offer. This university is a national leader , so to assess what it represents for your future , you can have data about admission, cost, and much more. Aarhus University corresponds with the extension of innovative knowledge , has outstanding coverage over all of Denmark . It has an academic exercise of more than 60 years , leaving a positive mark at a professional level throughout Europe , thanks to its research areas. Where the following notable graduates stand out:

  • Cecilia Aragon. Distinguished director of companies at UCEMA , she continues to develop cutting-edge technical methods.
  • John Caputo. It represents a doctor of philosophy who teaches classes about this chair, one of the most outstanding in his area.
  • Nestor Marcano. Developer of advanced projects , he is part of the nanosatellite launch, he is an electronic engineer.

Consider studying at Aarhus University if

  • You like research as an active teaching method , exploring areas of great global demand.
  • You are interested in participating in projects that meet both national and international standards .
  • You want to be part of a dynamic educational service , since technological resources are implemented as a solution.
  • You are looking for an academic system based on security and equality , as well as enjoying one of the friendliest environments to live. Based on good social and economic conditions.
  • You are passionate about international communities , with important connections to develop a bright professional future.

How much does it cost per course?

Admission Costs

$160 USD


$19,000 USD

Residence room

$900 USD

Food Costs

$500 USD

Transport pass

$300 USD

Other college payments

$200 USD

Studying here can cost you:

The Aarhus University has an annual cost of at least $25,000 USD including housing, food and much more, this is due to the opportunity of work experience, in addition to obtaining financial support based on qualifications.

The cost around the studies provided by Aarhus University is varied, since it has two minor fees based on academic performance. However, paid admission has an approximate of $17,000 USD as an annual payment , this is a faster form of income, compared to fees. The evaluation developed by the university is the key to estimate the type of support or quota that is assigned to students. For this reason, when you have outstanding qualifications , you can enter an application route when taking the tests, to obtain a discount or decrease in the cost of study . The offer of this study opportunity is a demonstration of academic abilities , especially due to its designation as a public institution . You cannot lose sight of the continuous training to have access to the payment alternatives that this important house of studies generates. The economic value of the registration depends on the treaties that Denmark has with other countries , in the case of the United States and Switzerland they have free access . While the rest of the local citizens pay around $160 USD as a fee, however, international students have personalized programs and unique attention.

How to study at Aarhus University as a foreigner? What do you need?

International admissions are available at Aarhus University , but for this all foreign students require immigration preparation . On the other hand, the conditions of presenting a mastery or linguistic ability over the English language are added, making it mandatory to study this language. Beyond the aspects mentioned, you should also think about financial coverage , because the study programs require the payment of fees . With regard to academic documents , they must be submitted with an official transcript into the English language , that is, this requires an internationalization of requirements . Although to study it is essential to have an advance of the procedures to enter Europe , since physical presence is required before any acceptance. It is an absolute necessity to have these basic aspects covered that end up opening the doors to study in Denmark .

Requirements to study at the Aarhus University as a foreign student

Admission to Aarhus University depends on meeting a series of requirements , so that the application can be completed successfully. They represent an accessible path to be part of a highly prestigious educational model , so you must present the following documents:

  • Record of academic studies . Each of the documents must be officially transcribed into English, in addition to presentation in PDF format.
  • Copy or scan of the passport cover .
  • Payment of fees based on the credit units of each course.
  • Online application .
  • Presentation of entrance exam .
  • Certificate of proficiency in the language , or completion of a language skills test.

Each one of these requirements meets the same general line of higher education , in this way the application for admission can be formalized . It is essential to have striking qualifications to enter this quality study alternative.

How to apply for the Aarhus University?

The Aarhus University acceptance process is simple and generic, corresponding to exhaustive selection criteria in regards to grades. However, it is open to deepen the percentage of international students, for this reason the following process is developed:

  1. Online application. It is necessary to enter and supply the application, along with the transcribed identification documents.
  2. Presentation of the exam and registration payment. The admission of a student depends on passing the exam to reduce the fees, these depend on the chosen course. On the other hand, when passing the exam and being accepted, it is necessary to pay the registration fee.
  3. Go to formalize the registration. Once the above steps are covered, it is vital to travel to Denmark. It only remains to comply with the formalities, in addition to managing the accommodation.

If you want to reside in Denmark

you will have to apply for a student visa. To find out how this procedure is carried out and what requirements are required, you can enter here

Tips for studying at Aarhus University

When you want to study at Aarhus University , you can take advantage of this decision by taking into account certain recommendations. Before embarking on this type of study opportunity , under a prominent academic training environment, the following tips should be put in place:

  1. Extend your studies . From an international perspective, this means that local knowledge must be at the level of Danish education.
  2. Consider lodging coverage . The peace of mind of studying safely can be obtained by investigating the previous options, where even the university provides options.
  3. Explore Danish culture in depth. enjoy the investigation of knowing the most iconic places in Denmark to have compatibility.
  4. Take care of your qualifications and experiences , before studying in Denmark, you can take courses to develop skills, without forgetting the labor participation.

What can you study at Aarhus University?

Aarhus University’s programs are constantly growing, as well as establishing outstanding areas of study . The knowledge acquired is of great value and meaning for local industries , as well as the public sector, there is no doubt that each faculty has an academic appeal .

Bachelor's degrees

Exact Sciences

  • Economics and Business Sciences
  • Global Management and Manufacturing
  • Mathematics

Health Sciences

  • Agrobiology
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Psychology

Human Studies

  • Aesthetics and Culture
  • Linguistics

Social Science

  • Journalism

Master's and PhD programs


  • Globalization and world order
  • Advanced Political Theory: Normative Analysis of Public Policy
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Information Technologies
  • Neuroimaging
  • Neuroscience
  • Trends in European foreign policy


  • Advanced Public Administration
  • Principles of organizations and management
  • The Sociology of Political Violence: Aggression, Conflict, and War


  • International political economy
  • Public Finance and Public Policy


  • Business development based on technology
  • Business economics and auditing
  • International Business Development
  • Leadership, motivation and performance
  • Advanced political behavior
  • Democracy and dictatorship in comparative perspective

Study at Aarhus University – What you need to know

The conception of Aarhus University extends to being considered one of the best, thanks to the number of programs and study opportunities . At the bachelor’s and master’s level, an educational model is extended in English , to facilitate the incorporation of international students. The connection provided by this university contributes to the formation of business activities , so that the student obtains professional practices . This kind of experience is available on the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences , so an accreditation of this level helps to perform better. On the other hand, on a cultural level, Denmark communicates more preferably through English , instead of Danish, so this will not be a problem. This explains why it is classified as a study center that brings together up to 120 nationalities , since its universal aspect brings more students closer.

Can you work while studying?

Being part of Aarhus University , from the beginning is a job advantage , because it has professional and labor practices . In addition to this, studying and working at the same time in Denmark offers a promising future, due to technological studies , without leaving aside that each program is responsible for creating versatile workers. The labor market is a range of opportunities in Europe , to be part of this dynamic, as a student you must have permission . This is processed through care or migration services . It is also a simple step that can be covered in the same visa application, there are two requirements to be met that are developed at the same time. Once the student is enabled to work , what is regulated is the number of hours performing a position. On the other hand, the large amount of hospitality, together with technology, creates a huge market of job opportunities , being another reason to think about studying in Denmark , and taking care of the expenses.

Study Danish at Aarhus University

English is also quite a common language in Denmark, but if you want to have more job opportunities, converse in the local language and learn more about the culture of this country, Aarhus University offers Danish courses for foreign students.

You have the opportunity to choose between different face-to-face or online schools, being able to even choose the times that best suit you to make the most of your courses without neglecting your studies. Visit the official language website at Aarhus University for more information

How to go on an academic exchange to Aarhus University?

Applying to be part of the academic exchanges provided by Aarhus University , becomes a reality if the university of origin is formally associated, that is, this university has associations worldwide , there are also other options to exhaust, such as student participation. guest. Requirements

  • Presentation of the exchange request . This corresponds to the universities associated with this academic model. The requirements have to do with identification , contact and academic certifications about their preparation.
  • Take courses related to the desired program . To be more eligible, it is vital to have a presentation.
  • Comply with the selection procedure .
  • In case you want to enter the exchange, under the classification of invited student, the steps are similar. Only that they are conducted on the Aarhus University website , and the study options are limited, much shorter, as a species of courses.
  • Valid passport.
  • You must have a student visa.

Scholarships and Grants offered by Aarhus University

The scholarships and financial support provided by Aarhus University are characterized by being unlimited, and they are focused on talent. Foreign students outside of Europe are granted scholarship incentives, as long as they have tuition fees to cover, although external institutions generate various aids.

  • Danish state coverage. It is aimed at students who are not part of Europe, much less from the United States. This can include a full or partial waiver of payment, it can even represent support for living expenses.
  • International Integration. It constitutes an opportunity for foreign students, and depends on the nexus of the industries with the faculty. On the other hand, there are professional practices that pay the tuition exemption, in addition to maintenance.

Given this type of scholarship, the selection process adheres to academic evaluations , and there is no additional requirement for the admission application. Each scholarship is closely related to the program, and they are usually awarded on master’s degrees , it is still a unique alternative for the most qualified.


The Aarhus University campus , is nationally recognized as an architectural contribution of great value, on its campus, it incorporates internal buildings and faculties . Since its facilities incorporate areas that facilitate the intensive study of each program, it is an inspiring environment for professional training .

Aarhus University

It's in: Nordre Ringgade 1, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Universitary residence: Yes

Distance to the City Center: 28 km


  • Various architectural buildings.
  • Conference hall.
  • recreation areas

Facilities and Extra Academic Offer

Each space of the Aarhus University is made up of architectural deliveries of great historical value. There is no doubt that its design creates a very innovative student environment , without neglecting the functional aspects of each building, because the technological and aesthetic aspects are typical of this culture.

Library and digital classrooms

  • Study areas, in physical libraries, as well as a digital network.


  • Technological spaces for the performance of Biomedicine.

Sports facilities

  • Natural park, ideal for outdoor activities.

Cafes and other recreation centers

  • Student centers and committee.

The broad significance and academic impact of Aarhus University motivates anyone to shape their professional future to another level . To make this momentous decision in your personal life, you can consult expert recommendations through Go-Study-In.

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